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Studies on magnetospheric perturbations and modeling of Dst index under various geomagnetic conditions Remya Remanan Unnikrishnan, K Physics 2014
Studies on some linear and non-linear waves in multi-ion plasmas Manesh Michael Chandu Venugopal Co - Guide S.Antony Physics 2018
Studies on some physical properties of thin films Manesh E J Meneon C S Physics 2017
Studies on some plasma instabilities and heating in multi-ion plasmas Physics 2019
Studies on Spectral, Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Reduced Graphene Oxide and its Composites Sreeja, V.G Anila, E.I Physics 2019
Studies on stability synchronisation and scaling behaviour in coupled non-linear system Ambika, K Ambika, G Physics 2009
Studies on the electrical conductivity, photoconductivity, optical and structural properties of the metal substituted Phthalocyanine thin films - CuPc, CoPc and PbPc Ambily, S Menon, C S Physics 1999
Studies on the electrical, optical and structural properties of Indium oxide, Tin oxide and Indium Tin oxide thin films Joseph George Menon, C S Physics 1997
Studies on the electrical, optical and thermal properties of Molybdenum trioxide, Vanadium pentoxide and Titanium dioxide thin films Krishnakumar, S Menon, C S Physics 1995
Studies on the electrodynamics of E and F Regions of the Equatorial ionosphere Jyoti, N Devasia, C V Physics 2004
Studies on the experimental and the conceptual foundations of quantum trajectory formulations Kiran Mathew Moncy V John Physics 2017
Studies on the growth of Lanthanum mixed oxalate crystals in gel and Liesegang ring phenomenon George Varghese Ittyachen, M A Physics 1995
Studies on the growth of mixed rare earth hydrogen selenite crystals and its properties Pradyumnan, P P Ittyachen, M A Physics 2000
Studies on the physical properties of Indium oxide, Tin oxide and Indium tin oxide thin films Raghupathi, P S Menon, C S Physics 2006
Studies on the preparation and characterization of α quaterthiophene (4T) thin films Sasidharan V K.Shreekrishnakumar Co-Guide. C.S.Menon Physics 2018
Studies on the problem of solar coronal heating on the basis of magnetohydrodynamic wave theory Blesson Jose Antony, S Physics 2016
Studies on the properties of certain Nanocrystalline metal Phosphates Jose Mathew George, K C Physics 2006
Studies on the properties of pristine and doped nickel oxide nanoparticles Sheena P A Thomas Varghese Physics 2020
Studies on winds and waves in the equatorial troposphere and lower stratosphere Deepa, V Sasi, M N Physics 2002
Studies related to chaotic behaviour in nonlinear dynamical systems Thomas, K I Ambika, G Physics 2004
Study of natural radioactivity in the Island Environs of Kochi Rajagopalan, M Samuel Mathew Physics 2016
Study of physical properties of certain Borate glasses Shreekrishna Kumar, K Abdul Khadar, M Physics 1995
Study of propagation characteristics of Ferrite loaded layered waveguide systems Michael Augustine Sunny Mathew ,
Vincent Mathew
Physics 2008
Study of properties of small particles of certain materials George, K C Abdulkhadar, M Physics 1993
Study of some electrostatic plasma instabilities in multi-ion plasmas Noble P Abraham Chandu Venugopal,
Unnikrishnan, N V
Physics 2014
Study of surface Plasmon polaritons in dielectric/metal multilayer structures Anju Babu Vincent Mathew Physics 2014
Study of surface Plasmon polaritons in gyrotropic and semiconductor nanostructures Gishamol Mathew Vincent Mathew Physics 2015
Study on the chaotic systems, control and synchronization Sunsu Kurian Thottil Rose P Ignatius Physics 2020
Study on the effect of activator incorporation on the structural, morphological and optical properties of ZnO and ZnGa2O4 nanophosphors Safeera, T.A Anila, E .I Physics 2018
Study on the structural and optical properties of selected metal oxide thin films Divya, K V Abraham, K E Physics 2021

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