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Quantum Mechanical treatment of Carrier Scattering in Nanoscale Transistors Saji Joseph Vincent Mathew Physics 2016
Quasi periodic oscillations in transient accretion powered pulsars Marykutty James Indulekha, K% Biswajit Paul Physics 2013
Radio and optical studies of a selected sample of giant radio galaxies and a merging galaxy cluster Abell 407 Biju, K.G Joe Jacob Physics 2018
RE3+ doped multi component glasses and ion exchanged/ laser written waveguides Sunil Thomas Unnikrishnan, N V Physics 2015
Reactively Evaporated Ag-(In,Ga)-Se thin films: Microstructural, optical and electrical properties and the effect of dopants Rajani Jacob Rachel Reena Philip Physics 2016
Self assembly of wide band semiconducting and metallic nanoparticles Revathy, K P Unnikrishnan, N V Physics 2014
Sol-Gel Synthesis of Eu3+ / Nanoparticles doped ternary matrix for multifunctional application Prakashan, V.P Unnikrishnan ,N.V, Co- Guide Cyriac joseph Physics 2019
Some physical and topological studies on Phthalocyanine thin films-CuPc, Copc, and NiPc Benny Joseph Thullisseril Menon, C S Physics 2007
Spectroscopic and dielectric studies of certain RE3+ Doped tellurite based glasses Xavier Joseph Unnikrishnan, N V Physics 2016
Spectroscopic characterization of certain rare earths / nanocrystallites in sol-gel silica matrices Jyothy Parvathy, V Unnikrishnan, N V Physics 2009
Spectroscopic investigations of Rare earth doped glasses and Sol-gel thin films Gin Jose Unnikrishnan, N V Physics 2003
Spectroscopic investigations of Sol gel glasses and their thin films Ancy Manuel Paulose, P I% Syamalakumari, B Physics 2012
Spectroscopic studies of certain Doped melt and Sol-Gel glasses Vinoy Thomas Unnikrishnan, N V Physics 2004
Structural and electrical properties of certain Nanocrystalline aluminates Siby Kurien George, K C Physics 2006
Structural and optical studies of ZnS based alloy quantum dots Vineeshkumar T V Sudarsanakumar C,Co- Guide Unnikrishnan N V Physics 2018
Structural and spectroscopic characterization of nanocrystallities/Eu 3+ions sol-gel matrices Gijo Jose Ittyachen, M A% Unnikrishnan, N V Physics 2005
Structural and spectroscopic characterization of ZnSe/Eu3+ and CdTe/Sm3+ doped Sol-gel silica glasses Siby Mathew Unnikrishnan, N V Physics 2008
Structural studies on base modified DNA and RNA Oligonucleotides Aparna P Sudarsanakumar C Physics 2018
Structural studies on some organic compounds Nirmala Joseph Sudarsanakumar, C,
Unnikrishnan, N V
Physics 2010
Structural, dielectric and spectroscopic investigations of sol-gel derived Titania/ Poly (vinyl-pyrrolidine) hybrids Prathibha Vasudevan Unnikrishnan, N V Physics 2013
Structural, electrical and non-linear optical properties of some Phthalocyanine thin films Nisha S Panicker Menon, C S Physics 2012
Structural, optical and dielectric studies of HO3+ doped Silica glasses Reji Kumar, P R Unnikrishnan, N V Physics 2012
Studies in integrability of nonlinear dynamical systems Lakshmi Parameswar Babu Joseph Physics 2014
Studies on ceramic polymer composites Rosalin Abraham Jayakumari Isac% Sabu Thomas Physics 2009
Studies on certain gel-grown metal malonate crystals Varghese Mathew Abraham, K E Physics 2012
Studies on electrical characteristics of Phthalocyanine thin films for device applications Abraham C Varghese Menon, C S Physics 2009
Studies on environmental impact of atomic minerals processing in Cochin backwaters Jose P Abraham Paul, C M Physics 2010
Studies on gas sensing characteristics of ZnO nanostructured thin films Sunil C. Vattappalam Sunny Mathew% Simon Augustine Physics 2017
Studies on ionospheric responses to geomagnetic storms and modelling of TEC by harmonic analysis Unnikrishnan, K Chandu Venugopal Physics 2001
Studies on linear low density Polyethylene (LLDPE) high Tc-Superconductor composites Bhadrakumari, S Pradeep, P Physics 2007

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