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Molecular dynamics simulation and biophysical studies of nucleic acids with natural drugs MaryVarughese C.Sudarsanakumar Physics 2018
Molecular dynamics simulations of some nucleic acids and their complexes Mathew K Varghese Sudarsanakumar, C% Unnikrishnan, N V Physics 2010
Morphological evolution in galaxy clusters: A quantitative approach Vinu, V Indulekha, K Physics 2011
Multifunctional studies on pure and Fe modified Yttrium chromite nanosystems Shiji Krishnan Nandakumar, K Physics 2014
Multiphoton absorption processes in layer structured semiconductors Sreelatha, K Unnikrishnan, N V,
Chandu Venugopal
Physics 2000
Nanomaterial based fiber optic sensors for bioapplications Rithesh Raj D Sudarsanakumar C Physics 2017
Noble metal nanostructures and hetero atom doped graphene hybrids for multifunctional applications Anju K. Nair. Kala M.S. Co- Guide Nandakumar Kalarikkal Physics 2018
Non linear elasticity and lattice thermal expansion of the shape memory alloys Cu-Al-Ni, Cu-Al-Zn, Cu-Al-Be and Cu-Al-Pd Santosh P Kuruvilla Menon, C S Physics 2010
Non-linear elastic constants and Lattice thermal expansion of ZnS, ZnSe, ZnTe and GaAs Anil, T V Menon, C S,
Shreekrishna Kumar, K
Physics 2004
Non-linear phenomena and pattern formation in one dimensional maps Sujatha, N V Ambika, G Physics 2005
Nonlinear Time Series Analysis using Complex Network Measures Rinku Jacob K.P.Harikrishnan Physics 2018
Nucleation kinetics in crystallization under electric and magnetic fields Saban, K V George Varghese Physics 2003
Observational and modeling studies of the Marine atmospheric boundary layer over the Tropical Indian Ocean during INDOEX Damu Bala Subrahamanyam Radhika Ramachandran Physics 2004
On the growth of rare earth mixed crystals of Barium molybdates and Copper oxalates Jayakumari Isac Ittyachen, M A Physics 1993
Optothermal characterisation of bio-nano materials using laser induced photothermal techniques Jisha John Achamma Kurian Physics 2017
Parametric approach to structural analysis of simple molecules using spectroscopic data Indira, K Rudra Warier, M K % Ananthakrishnan, T R Physics 1998
Passive sol-gel materials and active wave guides by ion-exchange/femtosecond inscription for various optical processes Toney Teddy Fernandez Unnikrishnan, N V,
Sudarsanakumar, C
Physics 2009
Phase transition studies in selected selenate crystals Leesal Iype Godfrey, L% Paul, C M Physics 2005
Photometric studies if astronomical candidates from sloan digital sky survey. Sheelu Abraham Ninan Sajeeth Philip Physics 2015
Physical properties of 60B2O3-(40-x) PbO-xMCl2 and 50B2O3-(50-x) PbO-xMCl2 (M=Pb, Cd) glasses Shajo Sebastian Abdul Khadar, M Physics 2004
Plasma Irregularities in the Equatorial F - region Ionosphere and Modelling of Tec Sreekumar Haridas Unnikrishnan, K Physics 2019
Post-selection quantum effects from weak measurements Kondramvalapil Prajit Chandran Shaji,N Physics 2018
Preparation and characterization of organic thin films of Anthracene, Carbazle and Oligoaniline for the fabrication of schottky diodes Sreejith K Pisharady Sudarsanakumar, C,
Menon, C S
Physics 2010
Preparation and characterization of selected luminescent nanoparticles Nuja S John, P Nandakumar, K Physics 2012
Preparation and Characterization of Vanadate Based Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics and its Composites for Microwave Circuit Applications Suresh. E.K Ratheesh, R Physics 2020
Preparation and Charaterisation of Conducting Polymers And polymer Composites Haisel Mathew Syamalakumari,B,Co Guide Sunny Kuriakose Physics 2019
Preparation of (1-x-y)(B2O3)-x(Li2O)-y(MCl2) glasses and investigation of their properties Vijoy, P S Abdul Khadar, M Physics 2000
Preparation of B2O3-Li2O-MO (M=Pb, Zn) glass thin films and study of their properties Sindu A Kartha Ittyachen, M A% Abdul Khadar, M Physics 2002
Preparation of certain conducting Polypyrroles and study of their physical properties Joji J Anchanattu Abdul Khadar, M,
Ittyachen, M A
Physics 1994
Probing the effects of non-stoichiometry on structural, optical, electrical and magnetic properties of cryptomelane type α-MnO2 nanorods Reenu Elizabeth John Marykutty Thomas, Co Guide George, K.C Physics 2019

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