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Energetics, thermodynamics and molecular recognition of natural drugs from spices and DNA systems Haris P Sudarsanakumar C Physics 2017
Exploration of colossal dielectric behaviour in rare- earth based ceramic perovskites of the formula TxR1-xCu3Ti4O12(T=Ca, Sr or Ba; R= Rare Earths) Thomas, A.K Saban, K.V Physics 2019
Fabrication and characterisation of titanium dioxide nanotubes for dye sensitized solar cell applications Aijo John, K Rachel Reena Philip Physics 2019
Fabrication and characterization in organic semiconducting thin films of CIAICIPc, F16CuPc and CI16FePc Raji Koshy Menon, C S Physics 2012
Fabrication and characterization studies in organic semiconductor thin films of H2PcOC8, ZnPcOC8 and CuPcOC8 Vinu T Vadakel Menon, C S Physics 2013
Fabrication and characterization studies in organic semiconductor thin films of TiPcCl2, SiPcCl2, SnPcCl2 and SnPc Regimol C Cherian Indulekha, K% Menon, C S Physics 2009
Fabrication of a Furnace and studies of Nanophase composites Anitha S. Nair Jayakumari Isac Physics 2016
Feature extraction and analysis of scientific data Arun Kumar, A Ninan Sajeeth Philip Physics 2015
Fluorescence kinetics and energy transfer mechanism in rare earth doped glassy matrices Biju, P R Unnikrishnan, N V Physics 2000
Fluorescence kinetics and energy transfer mechanism of doped rare earth oxalate single crystals Pragash, R Sudarsanakumar, C Physics 2016
Fourth order elastic constants and the low temperature thermal expansion of some hexagonal crystals Sindhu, S Menon, C S Physics 1998
Fractal patterns and stochastic resonance in coupled map lattices Kamala Menon Ambika, G Physics 2009
Gas sensing properties of doped SnO2 thin films in LPG and CO2 Radha, K K Boben Thomas Physics 2008
Graphene Based Hybrid Structures for Tailored Applications Priya Parvathi Ameena Jose Kala. M.S Physics 2020
Graphene-based Hybrid materials for Tailored applications El Hadji Mamour Sakho Nandakumar Kalarikkal Physics 2016
Growth and characterization of certain pure and doped Phosphate crystals Valsamma M Samuel Ittyachen, M A% Unnikrishnan, N V Physics 2008
Growth and characterization of Lanthanum samarium oxalate and Lanthanum neodymium oxalate crystals Varughese John Ittyachen, M A Physics 2002
Growth and characterization of mixed rare earth oxalate crystals Cyriac Joseph Ittyachen, M A Physics 1996
Growth and charaterisation of Rare earth mixed oxalate crystals of Cerium, Lanthanum and Neodymium Mercy V John Ittyachen, M A Physics 2003
Growth kinematics and characterization of Rare earth mixed crystals in Silica gel Soosy Kuryan Jayakumari Isac Physics 2008
Growth of single crystals of mixed rare earth oxalates of Gd, Sm, Ce and Nd and their characterization Ignatius Korah Ittyachen, M A Physics 2008
Growth, characterization and property studies of some layered transition metal Dichalcogenide crystals grown by chemical vapour transport technique Sunil, K Ittyachen, M A Physics 1999
Growth, characterization and study of physical properties of double Rare earth oxalate crystals Anit Elizabeth Ittyachen, M A Physics 2004
Higher order elastic constants and low temperature lattice expansion of CdS, CdSe, CdTe, AIN, GaN, InN, and SiC semiconductor crystals Sindu Jones Menon, C S Physics 2016
Higher order elastic constants and low temperature thermal expansion of the Cubic compounds C60, Mn73Pt22 and Fe72Pt28 Vinu, T P Menon, C S Physics 2004
In vitro studies on the growth and properties of urinary crystals Issac Paul Ittyachen, M A % George Varghese Physics 2003
Influence of dust particles on some electromagnetic waves in Bi-Lorentzian and Maxwellian plasmas John Varughese, K Chandu Venugopal Physics 1998
Influence of Surfactant, Dopant Graphene, Microwave and Laser irradiation on the gas sensing properties of nanoparticulate SNO2 thin films. Prasannakumari, K Boben Thomas Physics 2020
Interaction of natural Drugs and its Functionlized Metal Nanoparticles with DNA Riju K Thomas Sudarsanakumar , C Physics 2019
Interaction of proteins with chalcogenide nanoparticles: A biophysical approach Prasanth, S Sudarsanakumar, C Physics 2019

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