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Crystal growth of rare earth and alkaline earth compounds Varughese, P A George Varghese Physics 2006
Crystallization and characterization of Calcium and Strontium malates Jini Thomas George Varghese Physics 2009
Cu-Ga-Se thin films by reactive thermal evaporation: material properties and effect of dopants Anitha Abraham Rachel Reena Philip Physics 2019
Defects analysis in rare earth doped bifeo3 multiferroic system using positron annihilation spectroscopy Jincemon Cyriac Saji Augustine and Nambissan, P M G Physics 2022
Density functional theoretical simulations and vibrantional spectral investigations of biologically active molecules with phenyl ring Lynnette Joseph Jayakumari Isac,
Sajan, D
Physics 2016
Density functional theory and vibrational spectral investigations of organic nonlinear optical donor- acceptor structures Sreelaja, P V Ravikumar, C Physics 2020
Design and characterization of magnetoresistive rare-earth compounds Smitha Joseph Saban, K V Physics 2021
Design and development of a balloon device and its evaluation in patients with carcinoma of the uterine cervix undergoing high dose rate brachy therapy Raghukumar, P Padmanabhan, V% Reghu Ram K Nair Physics 2008
Design, development and application of computer assisted pedicle screw fixation John, P S Menon, C S Physics 2008
Development and analysis of new Multicorner Reflector Antennas Sebastian Mathew Mathew, K T Physics 2001
Development and characterisation of YBa2CU3O7-8 thick films [Tc (0) =92K] on rare earth Barium Hafnates: A new class of Perovskite ceramic substrates Jijimon K Thomas Jacob Koshy,
Ittyachen, M A
Physics 1997
Development and characterization of Barium rare earth Zirconates, a new group of complex Perovskites for their potential use as substrates for High Tc Superconductors Jose, R Jacob Koshy Physics 2002
Development and characterization of high dielectric flexible PTFE/ ceramic substrates for microwave circuit applications Rajesh, S Ratheesh, R Physics 2009
Development of Hybrid Multiferroic Materials for Tailored Applications Ann Rose Abraham Nandakumar Kalarikkal Physics 2019
Dielectric, piezoelectric and nonlinear optical properties of lead Titanate based ferroelectric thin films Ambika, D Kumar, V,
Sudarsanakumar, C
Physics 2012
Diverse applications of zno flower/rgo composite Susan Mathew Kala M.S, Physics 2022
Effect of electron beam irradiation and doping on electrical, thermal and optical properties of amino acid complex single crystals Prince Thomas Ginson P. Joseph Physics 2019
Effect of phytoactive compounds on cholesterol growth Seethalekshmi Ammal, M Jayakumari Isac Physics 2009
Effect of Self Doping, Metal Doping and Metal Oxide Impregnation on the Photocatalytic Activity of TiO2 Nanotubes. Sinitha B Nair Rachel Reena Philip Physics 2021
Effects of annealing on the optical, electrical, and structural properties of thermal evaporated TTBPc,ZnTTBPc, CuTTBPc, thin filma Rejitha B R Menon, C S Physics 2016
Electrical and optical properties of Plasma polymerized films Sakthi Kumar, D Krishna Pillai, M G Physics 1998
Electrical and structural studies on some Phthalocyanine thin films Susan Mathew Sudarsanakumar, C% Menon, C S Physics 2009
Electrical characterization, optical studies and the effect of gamma irradiation on AgPc, F16CoPc and F16ZnPc thin films Jaseentha, O P Godfrey, L,
Menon, C S
Physics 2009
Electrical conductivity and dielectric studies of selected glaserite crystals Georgekutty Joseph Godfrey, L Physics 2007
Electrical conductivity and dielectric studies on single crystals of Nickel and Manganese selenates Rajesh, R Godfrey, L Physics 2008
Electrical conductivity measurements and phase transition studies in selected Sulphate and Sulphamate crystals Santhosh Kumar, A Godfrey, L Physics 2006
Electrical properties, optical and structural studies and Schottky device fabrication in thin films of the organic Semiconductors-CdPc, InPcCl and AIPcCl Mammen Samuel Unnikrishnan, N V Physics 2007
Electrical, optical and structural properties of some Chalcopyrite thin films Joseph, C M Menon, C S Physics 1998
Electrical, optical and structural properties of the organic semiconductor thin films - PbPc, ZnPc and MgPc Gopinathan, T G Menon, C S Physics 2006
Electrical, optical and structural properties of the Phthalocyanine thin films-H2Pc, NiPc and EuPc Narayanan Unni, K N Menon, C S Physics 2001

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