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Kinetics of Transition State Analogue Imprinted Chymotrypsin Mimics Catalyzed Amidolysis of Amino Acid p-Nitroanilides and Dipeptides Divya Mathew Devaky K S Chemistry 2018
Lewis-base mediated fragmentation of polymeric transition metal Dicarboxylates Meenakumary, S Padmanabhan, M Chemistry 2005
Light induced conformational changes in polymers Gigy Abraham Purushothaman, E Chemistry 1994
Linear and dendritic macromolecules modified with Porphyrin and Metalloporphyrins: Synthesis, characterisation and photoresponsive studies Lucy Mathew, P Sunny Kuriakose Chemistry 2011
Low Pressure driven multilayered polyelectrolyte membranes : A sustainable tool for Phosphate recovery. Disha, V J Usha, K,
Aravindakumar, C T
Chemistry 2016
Macromolecular characteristics in the design of metal ion specific polymers Bini George Beena Mathew Chemistry 1999
Macromolecular characteristics on the binding of Rose Bengal by crosslinked polymers Gigimol, M G Beena Mathew Chemistry 2000
Macromolecular characteristics on the formation and catalytic properties of crosslinked Polymer Metal complexes Vinod Kumar, G S Beena Mathew Chemistry 2000
Mass spectrometric studies of the metabolites from some heterocyclic compounds having biological and environmental importance Jisha, C Aravindakumar, C.T Chemistry 2019
Metal complexing behaviour of crosslinked polymeric ligands Dominic Thomas Rajasekharan Pillai, V N Chemistry 1995
Metal Oxide Based Hybrid Nanostructures for Water purification Shabina Kappadan 1. Nandakumar, K and 2. Sabu Thomas Chemistry 2021
Micro and nanostructured thermosetting blends from Epoxy Resin Sajeev Martin George Sabu Thomas Chemistry 2016
Microfiltration membrane with polyelectrolyte functional layers for the separation of emerging contaminants and protein adsorption Jain Maria Thomas Aravindakumar,C.T ,Co Guide Usha,K Chemistry 2018
Microwave assisted reactions using polyvinylpyrrolidone supported reagents Saju M Sebastian Ebey P Koshy% Beena Mathew Chemistry 2014
Miscibility, phase behaviour morphology and mechanical properties of liquid rubbers toughened epoxy resin Raju Thomas Jacob Abraham,
Sabu Thomas
Chemistry 2009
Miscibility, phase behaviour, mechanics and viscoelastic behaviour of new multi component polymer systems Indose Aravind Sabu Thomas Chemistry 2009
Molecular modelling of dendrimers Nisha Satheesh Padmanabhan, A S Chemistry 2013
Molecular rearrangements in crosslinked macromolecular matrices Sunny Kuriakose Rajasekharan Pillai, V N Chemistry 1994
Molecular rearrangements in polymer matrices Gem Mathew, G D Rajasekharan Pillai, V N Chemistry 1997
Molecular recognition sites on nanostructures and its application towards sensing of biologically active molecules Jeena Abraham Beena Mathew Chemistry 2016
Morphology and properties of high density Poly ethylene/ ethylene Vinyl Acetate co-polymer blends Biju John Sabu Thomas,
Varghese, K T,
Zachariah Oommen
Chemistry 2009
Morphology and properties of Polymer blend systems based on Epoxy systems Sarathchandran, C Sabu Thomas % Sony C. George, Chemistry 2016
Morphology and transport characteristics of poly (ethylene-co-vinyl acetate)/clay nanocomposites Runcy Wilson Sabu Thomas,
Anil Kumar, S
Chemistry 2015
Multi-component reactions in synthesis of Heterocycles Prasanth K Menon Devaky, K S Chemistry 2011
Multiwalled carbon nanotube reinforced poly trimethylene terephthalate and their blend nanocomposites Aswathy, M.K Padmanabhan, M Co Guides Sabu Thomas , Lovely Mathew, P Chemistry 2020
Nano composites based on Toughened Epoxy Resin Neethumol Varghese Benny Cherian, A Chemistry 2020
Nano Structured Sorbents for the Removal of Heavy Metal Ions in Wastewater Maria Sebastian Beena Mathew Chemistry 2018
Nanocomposites based on toughened unsaturated polyester resin Manjusha Hariharan Benny Cherian, A Chemistry 2020
Novel amphiphilic star and dendritic copolymers: applications and their use as toughening agents in epoxy resins Anjaly Sivadas Raju Francis Chemistry 2020
Novel Cobalt and Iron catalyzed Carbon-heteroatom bond formations and their application towards the synthesis of ethers, imidazopyridines and 2-aminothiazoles Ujwaldev, S M Anilkumar, G Chemistry 2021

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