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Free radical chemistry of structural analogues of Pyrimidine bases: A theoretical and pulse radiolysis study Prasanthkumar, K P Aravindakumar, C T Chemistry 2013
Functionally modified natural polymers such as Lignin, Chitosan and Bovine serum albumin: Synthesis, characterisation and photoresposive studies Thomas V Mathew Sunny Kuriakose Chemistry 2012
Gas phase intramolecular cyclisation reactions of ionized Aromatic compounds in mass spectrometry Joseph T Moolayil George, M Chemistry 2007
Glycidyl azide polymer (GAP) as a high energy polymeric binder for composite solid propellant applications Manu, S K Varghese, T L% Suresh Mathew Chemistry 2010
Graft copolymers of Chitosan; Synthesis, characterization and evaluation as biomaterials Radhakumary, C Suresh Mathew ,
Reghunadhan Nair, C P
Chemistry 2008
Graphene Based Fluoroelastomer Nanocomposities Preparation Charaterization and properties Grace Moni Soney C. George Chemistry 2019
Graphene Based Hybrid Materials Reinforced EPDM Rubber Nanocomposites Jini Varghese Varughese, K.T Chemistry 2018
Graphene based semiconductor nanocomposites for the photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants Divya, K.S Suresh Mathew Chemistry 2019
Green synthesis and sensor applications of indolizine and cyclazine derivatives Sheela Gopal M Anitha I Chemistry 2017
Green Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles for Environmental and Biological Applications Remya Vijayan Beena Mathew Chemistry 2018
Hexanediol diacrylate-crosslinked Polystyrene supports for solid phase Peptide synthesis Latha, K S Rajasekharan Pillai, V N Chemistry 1997
Hormone receptor binding mimic constructed using molecular imprinting Anju Augustine Beena Mathew Chemistry 2014
Iminium salt mediated syntheses of functionalized Pyridines Ajith Dain Thomas Asokan, C V Chemistry 2001
Influence of defect-depoles on electrical characteristics of acceptor-doped ferroelectric oxides Vani K Kumar V Chemistry 2017
Innovative strategies for iron-catalyzed cross- coupling reactions in aqueous medium under aerobic conditions Sindhu, K S Anilkumar, G Chemistry 2017
Interaction of small molecules and ions with self assembled membranes Baburaj, M S Aravindakumar, C T Chemistry 2011
Interpenetrating polymer networks based on Natural rubber and Polystyrene Aji P Mathew Sabu Thomas,
Packirisamy, S,
Padmanabhan, A S
Chemistry 2001
Intramolecular rearrangement and cyclisation reaction of Acytoxy, Hydroxy and Alcoxy ά, β- unsaturated Aromatic Ketones upon protonation in mass spectrometry Sebastian, V S George, M Chemistry 2009
Investigations on Epoxy-Phenolic-Bismaleimide matrix systems and their composites Kamalamma Ambikadevi Devapalan Nair Reghunadhan Nair, C P ,
Ninan, K N
Chemistry 2008
Investigations on Sol-gel Mullite and Mullite-Silicon Carbide nanocomposite precursor Anilkumar, G M Warrier, K G K% Padmanabhan, M Chemistry 2000
Investigations on the synthesis of few chiral y-Butyrolactone based pyrrolidines Deenamma Habel Ibnusaud, I Chemistry 2016
Ionic liquid modified carbon nanotube based styrene butadiene rubber nanocomposites Giji Abraham Nandakumar K Chemistry 2017
Kinetic and mechanistic investigation of water-derived radicals and ozone with DNA constituents and their related compounds in aqueous medium Jacob, T A Aravindakumar, C T Chemistry 2003
Kinetic and mechanistic investigations of the free radicals and photo induced decomposition of S-Nitrosothiols in aqueous medium Manoj, V M Aravindakumar, C T Chemistry 2006
Kinetic and mechanistic studies of the degradation of organic pollutants using advanced oxidation process Shoniya Thomas Aravindakumar, C T Chemistry 2014
Kinetics and mechanism of Halogen displacement reactions of Halonitrobenzenes with aliphatic amines – A comparative study Jose, K B George, M Chemistry 2011
Kinetics of Transition State Analogue Imprinted Chymotrypsin Mimics Catalyzed Amidolysis of Amino Acid p-Nitroanilides and Dipeptides Divya Mathew Devaky K S Chemistry 2018
Lewis-base mediated fragmentation of polymeric transition metal Dicarboxylates Meenakumary, S Padmanabhan, M Chemistry 2005
Light induced conformational changes in polymers Gigy Abraham Purushothaman, E Chemistry 1994
Linear and dendritic macromolecules modified with Porphyrin and Metalloporphyrins: Synthesis, characterisation and photoresponsive studies Lucy Mathew, P Sunny Kuriakose Chemistry 2011

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