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Metabolite profiling in the microbial degradation of phenol Anoop, M Jayachandran, K Biotechnology 2019
Metal complexing behaviour of crosslinked polymeric ligands Dominic Thomas Rajasekharan Pillai, V N Chemistry 1995
Metaphysical and Ethical Dimensions of Christ Experience in the writings of Swamy Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi- A critical analysis Subrahmanyan, P T Radakrishnan, K S Philosophy 2016
Micro and nanostructured thermosetting blends from Epoxy Resin Sajeev Martin George Sabu Thomas Chemistry 2016
Micro credit and micro enterprises under Kudumbashree for rural development – A study with special reference to Malappuram District (Kerala) Rajeev Thomas Roy C Mathew Commerce 2014
Micro finance and women empowerment - A study of Kudumbashree project in Kerala Ruby, J A Abraham George Economics 2008
Microbial Chitinases – Isolation, purification and characterisation Mini K Paul Jyothis Mathew Microbiology 2013
Microbial Consortia development for the Biodegradation of mixed Organic Compounds Dhanya, V Jayachandran, K Bioscience 2016
Microbial degradation of aniline and its applications in the biological treatment of industrial effluents Mohammed Ashiq, S Jayachandran, K Biotechnology 2019
Microbial degradation of natural rubber latex and its application in the treatment of latex centrifugation effluent Elizabeth Cherian Jayachandran, K Biotechnology 2009
Microbial degradation of Phenol by a species of Alcaligenes isolated from soil Indu C Nair Shankar Shashidhar Biotechnology 2006
Microbial Keratinases- Isolation, purification and characterization Mini, K D Jyothis Mathew Microbiology 2016
Microbial production of Biosurfactants Seba George Jayachandran, K Biotechnology 2012
Microbial proteases - Isolation, purification and characterization Jyothis Mathew Ravindran, P C ,
Latha, M S
Microbiology 2000
Microfiltration membrane with polyelectrolyte functional layers for the separation of emerging contaminants and protein adsorption Jain Maria Thomas Aravindakumar,C.T ,Co Guide Usha,K Chemistry 2018
Microporous Polymeric Membranes as Lithium-ion Battery Separator Bicy, K Geethamma, V.G , Co Guide Sabu Thomas Nano science 2020
Micropropagational, callus inductional, callus anatomical and insitu performance of plantlets of Bamboo variety Ochlandra (Reeds) in Kerala Shaji Philip Baby Chacko Botany 1998
MicroRNAs of Hevea Brasiliensis: Role in abiotic stress responsive gene regulation Linu Kuruvilla Mohammed Sathik M B Bioscience (biotechnology) 2017
Microstructural and compositional aspects owing to Mg and B additives in spray deposited SnO2 thin films for enhanced LPG and Methane sensing Benoy Skariah Boben Thomas Physics 2015
Microwave assisted reactions using polyvinylpyrrolidone supported reagents Saju M Sebastian Ebey P Koshy,
Beena Mathew
Chemistry 2014
Migrant child labour in Kerala: A study based on children employed in hotels, restaurants and tea-shops in the District of Thiruvananthapuram Biju Lekshmanan John, M S Gandhian studies 2003
Migrant Labour and Industrialisation in Kerala Thankom T. Philip Gabriel Simon Thattil Commerce 2018
Migration and human development among muslim community: study of Malappuram district, Kerala Rafeek, V.H Thomas, E.M Social science 2018
Migration and social change: A study on gulf migration and its impact on the socio-political life of the muslims in Kerala Ashraf, P Vinodan, C Social sciences 2019
Militarization and its impact on human rights in Southeast Asia with special reference to the Philippines, 1972-1986 Mathews George Cheriyan, C V International relations 1991
Milk-protein Lysates on fermentation Jinsu Varghese Haridas, M,
Shankar Shashidhar
Biophysics 2002
Mining social media information to predict social behavioural patterns Hima Suresh Gladston Raj, S Computer science 2018
Minority right to establish and administer professional educational institutions- a juristic critique in the background of recent developments Sherafudeen, K George Joseph Law 2017
Miscibility, phase behaviour morphology and mechanical properties of liquid rubbers toughened epoxy resin Raju Thomas Jacob Abraham,
Sabu Thomas
Chemistry 2009
Miscibility, phase behaviour, mechanics and viscoelastic behaviour of new multi component polymer systems Indose Aravind Sabu Thomas Chemistry 2009

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