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Marketing of health tourism in Kerala Vinod, A S Sundaresan, P K Commerce 2015
Marketing of Bank services in Commercial and Co-operative Banks in Kerala Muraleedharan, K K Sarngadharan, M Commerce 2005
Marketing of consultancy services in Kerala Viswambharan, A M Sundaresan, P K Commerce 2004
Marketing of financial services by Commercial banks in Kerala - A case study of State Bank of Travancore Raman Nair, V Mukunda Das, V Management studies 2004
Marketing of Spices - A study with special reference to Pepper and Cardamom Philip, A P Baby, M D Commerce 2004
Marketing of Telecom Services by BSNL and its Competitors in Kerala Narayanan Nair, S Mukunda Das, V Management studies 2016
Marketing Orientation of Newspaper Industry in Kerala Vinesh Ottuparammal Johnson, B Commerce 2016
Marketing strategies for kitchen appliances in Kerala Victor George, V M Sundaresan, P K Commerce 2011
Marketing strategies of LIC in Kerala Lakshmanan, M P Harikumar, P N Commerce 2015
Marriage and domestic life in the Nnvels of Kamala Markandaya and Anita Desai Raji George Parvathi Devi, N English literature 1998
Marriage,family and domesticity in the formation of middle class identity:the case of Ezhava Nancy Liza Thom P. Sanal Moahan Sociology 2019
Marshall-Olkin distributions and minification processes Ancy Joseph Jose, K K Statistics 2010
Marshall-Olkin generalisation of some distributions and their applications Krishna, E Jose, K K Statistics 2012
Marxism in the novels of Doris Lessing Celine, E Geetha, P English literature 1999
Mass spectrometric studies of the metabolites from some heterocyclic compounds having biological and environmental importance Jisha, C Aravindakumar, C.T Chemistry 2019
Mathematical creativity and ability for fundamental mathematical operations of primary school students with dyscalculia Betty, P J Jacob, P J Education 2013
Mathematical modeling and solution of radiant exchange heat transfer problems Chacko, M J George Joseph Physics 2011
Mathematical Modelling of Ionospheric Parameters Suja Eapen Anilkumar, C V Mathematics 2016
Mathematical models for mining various patterns from data Rajalekshmi, V G Samuel. M S Mathematics 2014
Matriliny favours women: Reality or myth? A comparative study of the socio-cultural status of Mappila Muslim Women in Matrilineal and Patrilineal families of Malabar Fathima, T Shally Joseph Sociology 2016
Mayitrei Puspa ke upanyason mein nari sangharsh Kavitha V Rajan Ajithkumar P K Hindi literature 2017
Mean-variance approach of portfolio management: An empirical analysis of Indian experience Francy, T V Martin Patrick Economics 2009
Medical pluralism in Kerala: A socio-economic study of rural-urban variations Anitha, V Abraham George Economics 2008
Medicinal & Placebo effects of homeopathic remedies- A study on patients with somatoform low back pain and patients with pathological low back pain Subhadra, K T Razeena Padmam, M S Behavioural medicine 2016
Medicinal plant biodiversity and traditional knowledge system of Maruthua Malai and associated hills of Southern Western Ghats David Samuel, P Nair, P K K,
Prakashkumar, R
Environmental science 2005
Medicinal properties of common fruits Shibumon George Benny, P J Biochemistry 2011
Megaliths in Kasaragod: Understanding and unexplored region Jayashree Nair, K Raghava Varier, M R Social science 2008
Mercury geochemistry and accumulation in Kuttanadu agricultural wetland ecosystem Navya Cherian Mashesh Mohan Environmental sciences 2017
Metabolic perturbations in type 2 diabetic patients during Ramadan fasting Sandhya A.M Mukkadan J K Philosophy 2017
Metabolism of storage materials in germinating seeds under normal and stress conditions Fathima, P A Haridas, M,
Shankar Shashidhar
Biophysics 2000

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