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A method of Web Document Clustering Using Concept based Mining Model Raja Varma Pamba Elizabeth Sherly Computer science 2019
Macromolecular characteristics in the design of metal ion specific polymers Bini George Beena Mathew Chemistry 1999
Macromolecular characteristics on the binding of Rose Bengal by crosslinked polymers Gigimol, M G Beena Mathew Chemistry 2000
Macromolecular characteristics on the formation and catalytic properties of crosslinked Polymer Metal complexes Vinod Kumar, G S Beena Mathew Chemistry 2000
Magic realism in the novels of Toni Morrison Teena Annah Thomas Geetha, P English literature 2004
Magnitude and determinants of unpaid care work in a local setting: Implications on human wellbeing Anila Skariah Tessy Kurian Economics 2014
Mahatma Gandhi's conceptualisation of living in harmony with nature Thulaseedharan Pillai, K Parvathi Devi, N English literature 2003
Maheep Singh ki kahaniyom mein jeevan moolya Rekha, P S Mathew Abraham Hindi literature 2020
Mainstreaming gender in local development and governance (A study of selected Panchayats in Kottayam District, Kerala) Nisha Vellapan Nair John, M S Economics 2012
Making of the Colonial Timber Empire in Travancore : A Critique of Colonial Forest Policy Lekha Pillai Vellavoorthottathil, Kadammanitta P.O, Pathanamthitta-689649 Sebastian Joseph History 2018
Making of the past in South India historian's craft under colonialism Vijayalakshmi, C Rajan Gurukkal History 2005
Malathi Joshi ki kahaniyom mein Naari chethana Bindu P V Georgekutty, V V Hindi literature 2017
Man, martyr, hero; desire and the subject: a study of the novels of Kazantzakis Shibu P V Varghese C Abraham English literature 2017
Management of fragile wetland ecosystem in Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary with respect to its aquatic Avifauna Seema, K John George, M Zoology 2005
Management of human resources and knowledge assets in ayurvedic industry in Kerala Krishnaveni S J. Nalini Commerce 2019
Management of marketing systems for perishable agriculture commodities in Kerala: Problems and prospects Binoi K Kurian John, M S Gandhian studies 2008
Management of Public expenditure: A study with special reference to Government of Kerala Johnson, V Ramalingam, N Commerce 2007
Management of public sector undertakings in the plantation sector in Kerala- A study with special reference to the Plantation Corporation of Kerala Limited Febi Varghese Mukunda Das, V Management studies 2015
Management of risk factors of investing in corporate securities Elsamma Joseph Rajagopala Nair Commerce 2002
Management of Tourism industry in Kerala George, P O Manoharan, V M Commerce 2004
Manjeri S Isvaran: Man and art - A comprehensive study John E Abraham Parvathi Devi, N English literature 1996
Manjul Bhagat Ka Katha Sahitya: Ek Adhyayan Jeena Mary Jose James George Hindi language and literature 2019
Mapping iyer settlements along bharathapuzha region-15th century to 20th century AD Kamakshy V. Sheela Irin Jayanthi J. History 2019
Marchers unto night: Death and mutability in the poems of John Crowe Ransom Thomas Sebastian Mathew Joseph English literature 1998
Marginalisation and identity politics: The tribal question in Kerala Sunil Kumar, K Seethi, K M International relations 2013
Marital adjustment among IT Professionals in Kerala Mamman Joseph C Razeena Padmam, M S Psychology 2016
Marital adjustment and its psychosocial correlates – A cross-cultural study of women in Kerala and Qatar Bindu, M S Razeena Padmam, M S Psychology 2012
Marital quality of women spouses of men working abroad: Implication for counselling Shaji P John Sukumaran, P S Behavioural science 2003
Marker assisted breeding for rice improvement Rohini P.C K.S.Shylaraj Botany 2018
Marketing approach to public road transport management Balakrishnan, N C Mukunda Das, V Management studies 2010

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