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guide Transport phenomena through membranes of Nitrile Rubber and its blends Asha Elizabeth Mathai Singh, R P,
Sabu Thomas
Chemistry 2004
guide Banana fibre reinforced Polyester composites Laly A Pothen Sabu Thomas,
Zachariah Oommen
Chemistry 2003
guide Short Sisal fibre reinforced Polystyrene composites Manikandan Nair, K C Sabu Thomas Chemistry 2003
guide Utilisation of Natural Rubber latex waste as a potential filler in synthetic elastomers and plastics George Mathew Singh, R P,
Sabu Thomas
Polymer chemistry 2003
guide Studies on short sisal fibre reinforced isotactic Polypropylene composites Joseph, P V Sabu Thomas,
Kuruvilla Joseph
Chemistry 2002
guide Studies on the effect of 1-phenyl-2, 4-dithiobiuret as a binary accelerator in elastomers Abi Santhosh Aprem Sabu Thomas,
Kuruvilla Joseph,
George Mathew
Chemistry 2002
guide Dynamic mechanical analysis of multiphase Polymer systems: Application of models Gobinda Gopal Bandyopadhyay Bhagawan, S S ,
Sabu Thomas ,
Ninan, K N
Polymer chemistry 2001
guide Interpenetrating polymer networks based on Natural rubber and Polystyrene Aji P Mathew Sabu Thomas,
Packirisamy, S,
Padmanabhan, A S
Chemistry 2001
guide Short natural fibre reinforced elastomer composites from sisal fibre and Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Prasantha Kumar, R Sabu Thomas Polymer chemistry 2001
guide Thermoplastic elastomers from blends of Styrenic plastics and Nitrile rubber Monsy Mathew Sabu Thomas,
Ninan, K N
Polymer chemistry 2001
guide Oil palm fibres: A potential reinforcement in phenolic resins Sreekala, M S Kumaran, M G,
Sabu Thomas
Chemistry 2001
guide Thermoplastic elastomers from Nylon/Acrylonitrile-co-butadiene Rubber blends: The role of compatibilisation and dynamic vulcanisation on blend properties Radhesh Kumar, C Sabu Thomas,
George, K E
Polymer chemistry 2000
guide Studies on Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber/Poly (Ethylene-co-vinyl/Acetate) (NBR/EVA) blends Hima Varghese Sabu Thomas ,
Bhagawan, S S
Polymer chemistry 1999
guide Studies on short sisal/glass hybrid fibre reinforced low Density Polyethylene composites Kalaprasad, G Sabu Thomas,
Pavithran, C
Polymer chemistry 1999
guide Thermoplastic elastomers from isotactic Polypropylene/Nitrile rubber blends: Effect of compatibilisation and dynamic vulcanisation Snooppy George Sabu Thomas,
Varughese, K T
Chemistry 1999

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