The Emigrant self from the Neo Colonial and Post Colonial Scenario: A study of the Contrastive Pictures in Anita Desais ByeBye Blackbird and Kiran Desais The Inheritance of Loss

Accession Number T 3803 
Call Number  
Research Scholar Nimmy K Simon 
Guide Mathew Joseph, M 
Year 2019 
Centre of Research Maharaja's College, Ernakulam 
Scholar Address Smt. Nimmy K. Simon , Illikal House, Udyogamandal, Eloor Ferry,Ernakulam Ph: 7034007153  
Guide Address Dr. Mathew Joseph M , Research Supervisor, P.G. Dept. of English & Research Centre, Maharaja‚Äôs College, Ernakulam.  
Branch of Study
Keywords English literature
Literary theory and criticism
Anita Desai
Kiran Desai