Multiple feminine voices:a study of polyphony in the select fiction of vaikom Muhammed Basheer and Orhan Pamuk

Accession Number T 3611 
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Research Scholar Radhika K.S 
Guide Celine E 
Year 2019 
Centre of Research St Theresas College, Ernakulam 
Scholar Address Radhika K.S. Nakarni Mana(East), Kallettumkara P.O., Thrissur-680 683 
Guide Address Dr. Celine E.(Sr.Vinitha CSST) Research Guide, Dept.of English, St.Teresa's College, Ernakulam-682 011 
Branch of Study English language and literature
Keywords English language and literature
Literary theory and interpretation
Polyphony in the fiction of Vaikom Muhammed Basheer