Weak measurements and nonclassical correlations in two qubit quantum systems

Accession Number T 3361 
Call Number  
Research Scholar Lekshmi, S 
Guide Shaji, N, Co Guide Mohammed,E.M 
Year 2019 
Centre of Research Maharaja's College, Ernakulam 
Scholar Address Smt. Lekshmi S, Karukakuttiyil,Kandallor North,Pattoli Market P.O, Kayamkulam – 690 531.  
Guide Address Dr. N. Shaji, Associate Professor,Department of Physics, Maharaja’s College,Ernakulam.Co-Guide. Dr. E.M. Mohammed, Associate Professor (Rtd.),Department of Physics,Maharaja’s College,Ernakulam.  
Branch of Study Physics
Keywords Physics
Quantum Information Science
Nonclassical Correlation
Weak measurements