Cumulative backwardness of High school students in English with special reference to the socially and culturally disadvantaged sections: Diagnosis and remediation models

Accession Number T 1496 
Call Number 420.711 P8 
Research Scholar Rekha, K R 
Guide Vedamani Manuel, N 
Year 2008 
Centre of Research School of Pedagogical Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University 
Scholar Address K R Rekha, M A (English), M A (Sociology), M Ed, Lecturer in English, P K M College of Education, Madampam, Kannur 
Guide Address Dr N Vedamani Manuel, (Supervising Teacher), Professor and Head (Retd), Department of Education, University of Kerala 
Branch of Study Education
Keywords Education
English language
Study and teaching
Higher education
Socially handicapped children
Socially disadvantaged children
High school students