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East Syrian Mission to Asia with special reference to Malabar Coast from sixth century to sixteenth century AD and its influence on Indian religion society and culture Elias, T P (Fr) Baby Varghese (Fr) Syriac studies 2005
Funeral Rites of St. Thomas Christians: A Socio Linguistic and Liturgical Study Mathew Joseph Jacob Thekeparampil Syriac studies 2021
Tekso d 'Denho in the West Syrian tradition: A study of the Feast of Epiphany in the Malankara Orthodox Church Varghese Varghese Baby Varghese (Fr) Syriac studies 2012
The Revelation of Paul the Apostle: Edition, Translation and a Critical Analysis Joju Anto JacobThekkeparambil Syriac studies 2017

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