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Accumulation of heavy metals in selected Benthic organisms and Fishes of Vembanad Lake Ecosystem Jayasooryan, K K Ramasamy, E V Environmental sciences 2016
Biomonitoring of Chalakudi river using benthic macro invertebrates Banazair, O A Christopher, G and Sylas V P Environmental sciences 2022
Developing suitable techniques for the treatment of leachate originating from municipal solid waste management facilities Arun Babu V Ramasamy E V Environmental sciences 2018
Development of anaerobic – aerobic modular sanitation system for house hold liquid waste Ansari J Mnilal V B Environmental sciences 2017
Distribution of Uranium, Perchlorate and Bromate in Drinking Water at Selected Regions of Kerala and their Remediation using Polyelectrolyte Membranes Shalumon, C S Usha, K and Aravindakumar, C T Environmental sciences 2020
Halophilic bacteria from Vemabanad lake: a promising tool for bioremediation of cadmium and lead Sowmya M Mohammed Hatha A A Environmental sciences 2017
Identification and degradation studies of emerging contaminants in selected aquatic matrices Nejumal K K Aravindakumar, C T Environmental sciences 2022
Impact of Anthropogenicstress on biodiversity in Periyar Tiger Reserve: A floristic, edaphic and geospatial analysis Abin Varghese Punnen Kurian Environmental sciences 2017
Mercury geochemistry and accumulation in Kuttanadu agricultural wetland ecosystem Navya Cherian Mashesh Mohan Environmental sciences 2017
Microhabitat and angiosperm diversity analysis in selected hillocks of Palghat Gap region, Kerala, India Arabhi, P Maya C Nair Environmental sciences 2021
Phytochemistry and pharmacology of ethnomedicinal plant Myristica beddomei king subsp ustulata W J de Wilde Neethu Joy Mahesh Mohan Environmental sciences 2022
Sono and Photochemical Degradation of Organic Water Pollutants in Aqueous Medium Manoj P.R Aravindakumar C T Environmental sciences 2017
Studies on atmospheric metal pollution in Cochin urban area Abdul Shukkur M Mahesh Mohan Environmental sciences 2022
Sulfate reducing bacteria and mercury methylation in a tropical estuary and an Arctic fjord Binish, M B Mahesh Mohan Environmental sciences 2022
Synthesis and characterisation of plant based nanoparticles for remediation of wastewater Mahalaxmi N S Ramasamy E V Environmental sciences 2022
Utilization of coconut husk as a biofilm support system in anaerobic digesters and simultaneous retting in to coir fibre a solution to the conventional coir retting problems Divya Ashok Ramasamy E V Environmental sciences 2022
Wastewater treatment and use of spent biomass for selected biological applications: A study using two freshwater microalgae, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and Planktochlorella nurekis Praveen Kumar, C S Sylas, V P Environmental sciences 2022
Water quality evaluation of a backwater canal: Screening of micro-pollutants and their possible treatment protocols. Subha Sasi Usha K Environmental sciences 2017

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