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Stock market behaviour and economic growth in India Sindhu, K Raju, K V Economics 2008
Structure and performance of Life Insurance Sector in India – A study with special reference to Kerala Shaju, M J Leena Mathew Economics 2016
Supply response of some agricultural commodities in Kerala Sreeja, S Sankaranarayanan, K C Economics 1999
Sustainable Consumption Behaviour : A Household Level Study in Kerala Arathy S Nair Madhava Menon, N Economics 2021
Sustainable development and planning in India Jose J Naduthotty Antony, C A Economics 2002
Sustainable livelihood of fishing allied workers: a study of the south coastal region of Kerala Freny Das Martin Patrick Economics 2020
Technological changes in marine fishing and livelihood threats of fisher folk Jisha John Mathew Kurian, V Economics 2013
Technological changes in the Coir industry in Kerala and Tamil Nadu Madhava Menon, N Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2004
Technology adoption in Rubber production in Kerala Ushadevi, T V Mathew Kurian, V Economics 2001
Technology in banks and its impact on operational efficiency and risk management with special reference to Commercial banks in Kerala: An econometric analysis Manoj, P K Sankaranarayanan, K C Economics 2010
The cardamom economy of Kerala- a study of production and price trends in the pre and post-reform periods. Jaimol James Leena Mathew Economics 2017
The Cost of Type 2 Diabetes Among Casual Workers in Malappuram District, Kerala Subha, P P Roy Scaria Economics 2021
The economic impact of CIAL in the development of tourism in Kerala with special reference to Cochin Preemy P Thachil Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2010
The economic sustainability of Public private partnership models in Kerala Piya Mathew Antony C A Economics 2021
The economics of mixed farming in Kerala Subhadra, M R Suresh, K A Economics 2007
The economics of organic farming in Wayanad district of Kerala Joben K Antony Rajan, K Economics 2019
The Economics of Pepper Cultivation in Kerala A Study with Special Reference to Price Trend and Production Thara Thomas Leena Mathew Economics 2020
The effect of tourism on quality of life in Kerala Anumol K.A P.S. Mohanakumar Economics 2019
The health status of BPL families in Kerala in the era of economic reforms: Utilization of health care, problems of access and cost burden Mathew J Mattam Michael, T T Economics 2016
The Impact of Agricultural Extension Services through Krishi Vigyan Kendra: A Study of Banana Cultivators in Pathanamthitta District Radhika Krishnan James, M S Economics 2021
The impact of decentralisation on the productivity of small scale industries in Kerala Mathew K J Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2017
The impact of deforestation on the adivasis of Kerala: a study with special reference to mannans in Idukki District Anooja Chacko V. Mathew Kurian Economics 2019
The Impact of mergers and Acquisitions on the banking sector performance A case study of HDFC bank Renu susan Samuel N Ajith Kumar Economics 2019
The impact of microfinance on poverty in Kerala Biju, K C Mohanakumar, P S Economics 2012
The impact of migration on the left behind elderly in Kerala Febin Kurian Francis Raju, K V Economics 2022
The impact of socio cultural and political changes on the economic performance of Kerala economy a study with special reference to Kuttanad region Anish Mathew Baby Thomas Economics 2019
The influence of bank amalgamation on employees’ and customers’ satisfaction: a case study of HDFC banks in Kerala Jincy Joseph, K Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2020
The role of voluntary associations on women empowerment in Kerala with special reference to Ernakulam District Kochurani Thomas Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2005
The socio-economic development of Tribals in Kerala (With special reference to Wayanad District) Thresiamma Varghese Abraham George Economics 2005
Total quality management in higher education in Kerala Viswanathan, C N Mani, K P Economics 2009

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