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Socio-economic aspects of overqualified female teachers in schools: A study of Thrissur District Mary Thomas, K Stephanson, K A Economics 2017
Socio-economic condition of inland Fisherman - A case study of Kerala Suja Beegum, S Sunny, K A Economics 2007
Socio-economic impact of a hydro-electric project in Kerala Neena Cherian Sankaranarayanan, K C Economics 2003
Socio-economic impact of deforestation on the Tribals in Kerala: A case study of Idukki District Rejimon, P M Antony, C A Economics 2002
Socio-economic impact of job reservation: A comparative study of the Christian Malai Arayans and other hill Tribes in Idukki and Kottayam Districts of Kerala Joy George Mohanakumar, P S Economics 2008
Socio-Economic impact of people’s planning in a Backward District of Kerala – A study of Malappuram Aboobacker, U Rejimon , P M Economics 2016
Socio-economic impact of power sector - A study with reference to NTPC’s Kayamkulam combines cycle power plant Komala Vally, P Martin Patrick Economics 2009
Socio-economic impacts of alcohol addiction in Kerala Hyderali, K Rejimon, P M Economics 2020
Socio-economic status and consumer behaviour towards green products in Kerala Kala, N Antony, M T Economics 2021
Solid waste management mechanisms in Kerala : A comparative study of two urban settings Anupa Leela George James, M.S Economics 2018
Special Economic Zones and Livelihood Status of Displaced People Ancy Anthrayose Michael, T T Economics 2019
SSI units in an open economy context: the Kerala scenario – With a comparative analysis of data from Kerala and Karnataka George Mathew Philip, P J Economics 2011
State and labour welfare: Formalisation of the informal labour market in Kerala Babu Joseph Raju, S Economics 2004
Stock market behaviour and economic growth in India Sindhu, K Raju, K V Economics 2008
Structure and performance of Life Insurance Sector in India – A study with special reference to Kerala Shaju, M J Leena Mathew Economics 2016
Supply response of some agricultural commodities in Kerala Sreeja, S Sankaranarayanan, K C Economics 1999
Sustainable Consumption Behaviour : A Household Level Study in Kerala Arathy S Nair Madhava Menon, N Economics 2021
Sustainable development and planning in India Jose J Naduthotty Antony, C A Economics 2002
Sustainable livelihood of fishing allied workers: a study of the south coastal region of Kerala Freny Das Martin Patrick Economics 2020
Technological changes in marine fishing and livelihood threats of fisher folk Jisha John Mathew Kurian, V Economics 2013
Technological changes in the Coir industry in Kerala and Tamil Nadu Madhava Menon, N Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2004
Technology adoption in Rubber production in Kerala Ushadevi, T V Mathew Kurian, V Economics 2001
Technology in banks and its impact on operational efficiency and risk management with special reference to Commercial banks in Kerala: An econometric analysis Manoj, P K Sankaranarayanan, K C Economics 2010
The cardamom economy of Kerala- a study of production and price trends in the pre and post-reform periods. Jaimol James Leena Mathew Economics 2017
The Cost of Type 2 Diabetes Among Casual Workers in Malappuram District, Kerala Subha, P P Roy Scaria Economics 2021
The economic impact of CIAL in the development of tourism in Kerala with special reference to Cochin Preemy P Thachil Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2010
The economic sustainability of Public private partnership models in Kerala Piya Mathew Antony C A Economics 2021
The economics of mixed farming in Kerala Subhadra, M R Suresh, K A Economics 2007
The economics of organic farming in Wayanad district of Kerala Joben K Antony Rajan, K Economics 2019
The Economics of Pepper Cultivation in Kerala A Study with Special Reference to Price Trend and Production Thara Thomas Leena Mathew Economics 2020

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