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Poverty Eradication Programme and its Socio- Economic Impact on Dalit Women in Kerala Sunimol, V C Jose, A Economics 2020
Pressure in buying consumer durables- A study with reference to Kerala Sumedhan, K P Sankaranarayanan, K C Economics 2009
Private sector dairying in Kerala: A socio-economic analysis with special reference to Ernakulam District Gilson John Antony, M T Economics 2008
Problems of paddy cultivators in Kerala with special reference to Kuttanad Nitheesh Kumar, P K Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2021
Productivity of coconut cultivation in Kerala Lathika, M Mathew Kurian, V Economics 2003
Public works programme and rural development in Kerala with special focus on national rural employment guarantee act Suresh Babu, P.A Manjula, K Economics 2018
Quality assessment of teacher education in kerala: a comparison between aided and un-aided institutions Remmiya Rajan P Radhakrishnan N Economics 2018
Rainwater harvesting and supply of drinking water : an impact study in Ernakulum Lakshmi, C S Antony, C A Economics 2021
Regional disparities in human development in Kerala Leni, V Abraham George Economics 2007
Relevance of interest free microfinance in Kerala Abdul Hakkeem, P M Antony, M T Economics 2020
Role of Co-operative and Private sectors in Coir industry - A comparative study Rajendran Nair, P Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2006
Role of Kudumbasree in waste management: A study of Ernakulam district Siji, S R Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2014
Role of NGOs in the rural development of Kerala George, C T Mani, K P Economics 2004
Role of Non-governmental organisations in the economic and community development of Kerala: A case study of Peermade Development Society Jacob, K C Mohanakumar, P S Economics 2008
Role of Petty traders in the urban informal sector: A study of three Corporations in Kerala Titus Correya Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2001
Rubber wood industry in Kerala- A value chain analysis Oommen Zachariah Martin Patrick Economics 2009
Rural employment guarantee scheme and empowerment of rural women -A case study of Wayanad district Rakhi Chandrasekhar Rajendran Nair, P Economics 2018
Rural-urban migration of women: A study of employees in trade and commerce of Kochi city. Kolattukudy Jose Shirley Martin Patrick Economics 2017
Shifts in cropping pattern in Kerala Geetha, P Mohanakumar, P S Economics 2007
Social economic and environmental impacts of tourism industry in Alappuzha district Thadevoose K.G Raju K.V Economics 2017
Social capital and labour market outcomes: A study of the information technology industry in Karnataka Divya Vijayagopalan Muraleedharan, S Economics 2015
Social security issues of unorganised sector in Kerala: a comparative study Vidya Viswanath Manoj, P K Economics 2020
Socio economic aspects of development of aquaculture in Kerala Ajaya Kumar, C Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2012
Socio economic impact of demographic transition in Kerala on elderly women Bijo Joseph Tessy Kurian Economics 2014
Socio economic impact of displacement – A study of Vallarpadam Container Terminal, Kochi Mary Liya, C A Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2015
Socio-economic aspects of overqualified female teachers in schools: A study of Thrissur District Mary Thomas, K Stephanson, K A Economics 2017
Socio-economic condition of inland Fisherman - A case study of Kerala Suja Beegum, S Sunny, K A Economics 2007
Socio-economic impact of a hydro-electric project in Kerala Neena Cherian Sankaranarayanan, K C Economics 2003
Socio-economic impact of deforestation on the Tribals in Kerala: A case study of Idukki District Rejimon, P M Antony, C A Economics 2002
Socio-economic impact of job reservation: A comparative study of the Christian Malai Arayans and other hill Tribes in Idukki and Kottayam Districts of Kerala Joy George Mohanakumar, P S Economics 2008

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