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Financial inclusion and inclusive growth A study with special reference to Co-operative banks in Kerala Princy P James Leena Mathew Economics 2020
Financial inclusion of the Scheduled tribes: a study of Idukki district in Kerala Jeril Tom Aniyankunju, P C Economics 2021
Financial liberalisation credit market and rural indebtedness: a study with special reference to agricultural households in Kerala Parvathy, S Jose V.T Economics 2019
Fishing industry in Kerala: The perils of international quality assurance standards Ancy, V P Raju, K V Economics 2016
Flow of credit to trade and commerce in Kerala - A study of Real Estate and Housing Finance in Kerala Sunny Joseph Jose, R V Economics 2004
Foreign institutional investors relation with volatility and efficiency of Indian capital market Renjth K.S. Martin Patrick Economics 2019
Fund management in Grama Panchayats in Kerala Sukumaran, V P Mani, K P Economics 2006
Gender budgeting and gender equality in Kerala an analysis in terms of potentiality capability and effectivenes Nishanthi, P.U Sunil Kumar, S. Menon Economics 2018
Gender dimensions of employment in Kerala- A study with reference to ICT Nirmala Padmanabhan Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2010
Generation of surplus in Plantation sector in Kerala and its appropriation - A study with reference to Rubber growers Kurian, K J Jose, R V Economics 2006
Government intervention and entrepreneurship development in Kerala : an empirical study of startup village at firm level Berry Holaday, M G Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2020
Green policies and sustainable development in Kerala since 1980 Murali Vallabhan, T V Cyriac Thomas% Jose, R V Economics 1997
Growth and technological changes in cement industry Binu Ann Kuriachan Mani, K P Economics 2012
Health problems of industrial working women in Ernakulam district: An economic evaluation Raji Prasad, G V Visakha Varma, G Economics 2014
Health status of Muslim Women in Kerala Haseena Beevi, A A Stephanson, K A Economics 2013
Household consumption expenditure in Kerala- Arguments, evidences and lessons Maithily, K Mani, K P Economics 2009
Human development and economic growth: A study with respect to the migrant cultivators in Kannur District, Kerala Sebastian, T K Antony, M T Economics 2009
Impact of climate change and agricultural production in Kerala Joby Jose Mohanakumar P S Economics 2017
Impact of climate variability on productivity of leading crops:- adaptive behaviour of farmers in Palakkad, Kerala Sumathy, M Muraleedharan, S Economics 2019
Impact of decentralised planning on poverty alleviation in Rural Kerala – A study of selected Districts Bijumon, P S Thomas, E M Economics 2016
Impact of development projects on the labour mobility of fishermen in Goshree islands Pearly Antony O Helan A.P Economics 2019
Impact of exchange rate fluctuation on the share prices in the Indian capital market Filomina P Scaria Sankaranarayanan, K C Economics 2009
Impact of foreign capital inflows on the Indian economy: A study of foreign direct investment since 1991 Abraham Babu Antony M T Economics 2017
Impact of globalisation on the village industries in Kerala - A study with special reference to Handloom industry in Ernakulam District Ajithan, M B Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2008
Impact of mechanisation on agricultural labour market in Kuttanad Geetha Lakshmi Aniyankunju, P.C Economics 2019
Impact of Pampa irrigation project: A case study with special reference to Pathanamthitta and Alappuzha districts in Kerala Suresh, M V Philip, P J Economics 2014
Impact of replacement migration on wages and employment on construction sector in Kerala Liji, K T Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2014
Impact of State intervention in traditional industries: The case of Bamboo industry in Kerala Thresiakutty, K M Antony, M T Economics 2006
Impact of wetland degradation on livelihood of traditional wetland resource users of Ernakulam district Vandana Aravindan V.T.Jose Economics 2019
Impact of WTO on spices sector in India: An econometric analysis Krishnan, S Mani, K P Economics 2013

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