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Motivation of school teachers in Kerala - An assessment of quality dimensions consequent to reforms in the education sector Bino Joy Gabriel Simon Thattil Commerce 2009
Occupational problems of construction workers in Kerala Siddeeque, P Jagadees Chandran, G Commerce 2020
Operational efficiency and service quality of commercial banks in India Sreela Krishnan Benson Kunjukunju Commerce 2015
Opportunities and challenges of Bancassurance in Kerala Aravind, J Gabriel Simon Thattil Commerce 2015
Paperless trading in Indian stock markets Joseph George Thomas John, M,
Joseph, K X
Commerce 2012
People development practices and tourism delivery performances: A study with special reference to public sector tourism agencies in Kerala Murali, E Jose, K G Commerce 2014
Perceptual analysis of housing finance by public and private Institutions in Kerala NINU ROSE Viswambharan, A M Commerce 2022
Perceptual analysis on adoption of mobile banking in Kerala Bindu Achamma Koshy Joy Joseph Puthussery Commerce 2020
Performance analysis of public bus transportation in Kerala Navya, A H Vimala, P Commerce 2020
Performance appraisal of SBI Mutual Funds with special reference to Kerala State Leelamma, M Tharsis Joseph Commerce 2004
Performance evaluation and customer satisfaction of Public sector banks and new generation Private sector banks in the post-liberalised era Aloysius, O C Joy Joseph Puthussery Commerce 2013
Performance Evaluation of Industrial Promotion Agencies in Kerala James Devassia Baby M D Commerce 2004
Performance evaluation of regional rural banks in Kerala Majeesh, T Rajagopala Nair Commerce 2012
Performance evaluation of self help groups programme in Kerala Jayachandran, C Rajagopala Nair Commerce 2009
Performance management in information technology industry in Kerala Rose V J Vasanthagopal R Commerce 2018
Performance Management Practices of Public and Private Sector Companies in Kerala Haripriya, B B Santhosh Kumar, S Commerce 2020
Performance of evaluation of export Oriented units in Kerala with special reference to micro, small and medium Enterprises Jisha George Georgekutty, V V Commerce 2017
Performance of public and private sector banks in Kerala – A comparative analysis Suby Baby Vasanthagopal, R Commerce 2011
Performance of spices sector in Kerala A study with special reference to post liberalisation era Felice Joy Dileepkumar, M.C Commerce 2018
Performance, prospects and problems of the co-operative marketing societies in Kerala George, P L Jose, K G Commerce 2014
Pilgrim Tourism in Kerala An evaluative study Abdul Nizar, A Nalini, J Commerce 2018
Policy changes and its impact on demand and supply of Bank credit Mini Joseph Gabriel Simon Thattil Commerce 2012
Primary cooperative agricultural and rural development banks in Kerala with special reference to Malabar region- an evaluative study Jeothilakshmi S.K K. Devadas Commerce 2019
Problems and prospects of Cultural Tourism in Kerala Pradeep Kumar P. S K Anil Kumar Commerce 2019
Problems and prospects of information technology in Kerala Jojo K Joseph Baby, M D Commerce 2009
Problems and Prospects of Kerala Labour Force in the Middle East Baju George Ramesh B Commerce 2005
Problems and prospects of Leather industry in Kerala Mathew, P E Sundaresan, P K Commerce 2013
Problems and prospects of rural enterprises in Ernakulam district Asha A G Thomas K V Commerce 2018
Problems and prospects of stock-broking in Kerala Peter, K T Sundaresan, P K Commerce 2002
Problems and prospects of the spices trade in Kerala Thomas, T P Vasanthagopal, R Commerce 2010

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