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Studies on Hydroxy citric acid in Garcinia Benny Antony Winny Varghese Chemistry 2004
Studies on Hydroxycitric acid lactones: Synthesis of Chiral Pyrrolidines Grace Thomas Ibnusaud, I Chemistry 2006
Studies on interaction of Copper (II) with Dithiocarbamates derived from primary Amines Mathai, T U Padmanabhan, M Chemistry 2000
Studies on Lignocellulosic fibre reinforced Natural Rubber composites Maya Jacob Sabu Thomas% Varughese, K T Chemistry 2006
Studies on Locally Available Fibre Reinforced Polypropylene Based Commingled Composite Systems Arya Anil Tomlal Jose E Chemistry 2018
Studies on metal complexes of biological importance Anila B.N Muraleedharan Nair M.K. Chemistry 2018
Studies on metal complexes of Schiff bases Jincy, E.M Muraleedharan Nair Chemistry 2018
Studies on metal ion complexation of NR/PEO block copolymers Mrudula, M S Gopinathan Nair, M R Chemistry 2020
Studies on microfibrillar based composites Jayanarayanan, K Kuruvilla Joseph,
Sabu Thomas
Chemistry 2011
Studies on Natural Rubber (NR) and Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR) Latices and their blends Jyothi T Varkey Sabu Thomas Chemistry 1998
Studies on Natural Rubber Nano Composites with Modified Graphene Derivatives Jophy Jose Susamma, A P Chemistry 2020
Studies on novel Schiff base modulated complexes of Fe (III), Co (II), Ni (II) and Cu (II) Deepa, K Radhakrishnan, P K Chemistry 2014
Studies on one-, two- and three-dimensional coordination polymers derived from benzene dicarboxylates Joseph, K C Padmanabhan, M Chemistry 2010
Studies on photochemical and biological properties of metal nanoparticle encapsulated dendritic macromolecules and supramolecular host systems Cincy George Sunny Kuriakose Chemistry 2012
Studies on polymer-bound Porphyrins and their metalloderivatives Tessymol mathew Padmanabhan, M Chemistry 1995
Studies on properties of prevulcanized Natural rubber latex layered Silicate nanocomposites Shera Mathew Siby Varghese Chemistry 2012
Studies on rare earth complexes of some antipyrine derivatives Siby Joseph Radhakrishnan, P K Chemistry 1998
Studies on reactions of Carbonyl compounds with Chloromethyleneiminium salts and Heterocumulenes Josemin Asokan, C V Chemistry 1999
Studies on short sisal fibre reinforced isotactic Polypropylene composites Joseph, P V Sabu Thomas,
Kuruvilla Joseph
Chemistry 2002
Studies on short sisal fibre reinforced Natural rubber composites Siby Varghese Sabu Thomas % Baby Kuriakose Chemistry 1994
Studies on soil enzymes and available nutrients in relation to litter decomposition in rubber plantations Geetha Jose Mercykutty Joseph,
Kothandaraman, R
Chemistry 2014
Studies on some metalloporphyrin systems Preethi, N Padmanabhan, M Chemistry 2002
Studies on some Schiff base complexes of Yttrium and Lanthanides Vinod Kumar, C R Radhakrishnan, P K Chemistry 1997
Studies on some transformations involving monomeric and polymeric metal maleates and fumarates James C Joseph Padmanabhan, M Chemistry 2010
Studies on synthesis, surface properties and catalytic applications of Cerium oxide based nanostructures Christy Kunjachan Manju Kurian Chemistry 2020
Studies on the adducts of coordinatively unsaturated Co (ll), Ni (ll) and VO (iv) complexes with Bidentate conjugated N-bases Suresh, M S Padmanabhan, M Chemistry 2001
Studies on the catalytic activity of quaternary Ammonium chloride residues in polymeric systems and their applications in triphasic reactions Leelamma, P N Devaky, K S Chemistry 2012
Studies on the effect of 1-phenyl-2, 4-dithiobiuret as a binary accelerator in elastomers Abi Santhosh Aprem Sabu Thomas% Kuruvilla Joseph% George Mathew Chemistry 2002
Studies on the low temperature prevulcanisation of natural rubber latex Devi, P V Shiny Palaty,
Sabu Thomas
Chemistry 2014
Studies on the properties of Natural Rubber, Carboxylated Styrene Butadiene Rubber lattices and their blends with micro and nano filters Ranimol Stephen Zachariah Oommen% Sabu Thomas% Kuruvilla Joseph Chemistry 2006

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