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Pharmacological activity of plant derived drugs and the mechanism of action (with special reference to Phyllanthus Amarus Schum & Thonn) Regi Raphael, K Ramadasan Kuttan Biochemistry 2005
Pharmacological properties of Curcuminoids and related compounds Ruby John, A Ramadasan Kuttan Biochemistry 1996
Pharmacological properties of polyphenolic compounds isolated from the root bark of Clerodendrum infortunatum L. with special references to antiproliferation and antiinflammation Helen Raisa Lal Latha,M.S Biochemistry 2019
Pharmacological studies on food additives Soni, K B Ramadasan Kuttan Biochemistry 1996
Pharmacological studies with carotenoid meso-zeaxanthin with special reference to cancer Firdous, A P Ramadasan Kuttan Biochemistry 2014
Production of ribosome-inactivating proteins in the cultured cells of Momordica charantia Sinilal, B Latha, M S Biochemistry 2003
Protection against deleterious consequences of ionizing radiation by synthetic and natural compounds Lekshmy, R Nair, C K K Biochemistry 2013
Radioprotection by Ascorbic acid-2 glucoside: Mechanisms and relevance Dani Mathew, M Nair, C K K Biochemistry 2012
Radioprotective effect of Mushroom derived components: Studies on Phellinus rimosus, a Polypore mushroom growing on Jackfruit trees in Kerala Jini Joseph Janardhanan, K K Biochemistry 2013
Role of Rasayanas in ameliorating radiation and chemotherapy induced toxicity Rekha, P S Ramadasan Kuttan Biochemistry 2003
Stress responses in plants and animals Jacob Varghese Biboy Muraleedhara Kurup, G Biochemistry 2004
Studies of certain antimicrobial principles from plants Sarala Gopalakrishnan Benny, P J Biochemistry 2008
Studies on biochemical changes in Galactose induced Cataractogenesis in Albino rats Jyothi, M Shankar Shashidhar Biochemistry 2002
Studies on in vitro propagation and pharmacological effects of two rare and endangered medicinal plants Denny Philip Muraleedhara Kurup, G Biochemistry 2009
Studies on inositols in Hevea latex: Isolation, characterization and their role in drought tolerance Jayasree Gopalakrishnan Molly Thomas Biochemistry 2016
Studies on physiological ,biochemical and molecular factors associated with drought tolerance in hevea germplasm accessions Smitha M. Xavier Molly Thomas Co-Guide .K.Annamalainathan Biochemistry 2019
Studies on pollutants and food additives Letha, R Muraleedhara Kurup, G Biochemistry 2001
Studies on the allelopathic effects of phytochemicals from selected plants Dhanya, P Benny, P J Biochemistry 2016
Studies on the antidiabetic and hypolipidemic activities of Phellinus rimosus (BERK) Pilat, a polypore mushroom occurring in Kerala Rony Antony Janardhanan, K K Biochemistry 2013
Studies on the antineoplastic and genoprotective activities of Fomitopsis Pinicola (Sw.:Fr) P. karst, a polypore occurring in Kashmir Ravikumar, K S Janardhanan, K K Biochemistry 2020
Studies on the antioxidant and antitumour activities of Oyster Mushrooms, Pleurotus species Nayana Jose, C Janardhanan, K K Biochemistry 2005
Studies on the antitumour activity of plant derived Proteins Ramnath, V Ramadasan Kuttan Biochemistry 2006
Studies on the biochemical and enzymatic changes of food materials during cold storage Maya B Nair Latha, M S Biochemistry 2004
Studies on the Cardio protective effect of fruiting bodies, cultured mycelia and the major chemical constituents of Red mushroom – Ganoderma lucidum (Fr.) P. Karst Veena Ravindran, K Janardhanan,K.K Biochemistry 2019
Studies on the effect of a medicinal mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum on cellular energy status under oxidative stress Sudheesh, N Janardhanan, K K Biochemistry 2012
Studies on the effect of artificial sweetener- Aspartame on liver and brain Abhilash, M Harikumaran Nair, R Biochemistry 2015
Studies on the protective effect of anti-oxidants on chemical and radiation induced damage Thresiamma, K C Ramadasan Kuttan Biochemistry 1998
Studies on the relation of Nicotine to Lung cancer Sudheer Mohammed, M M Latha, M S Biochemistry 2001
Study of anticancer activities of selected medicinal plants from Dasamoola and their comparison with micropropagated plants Sudha, K S Jose Padikkala Biochemistry 2012
Study of anticancer activity of selected medicinal plants with special reference to Hibiscus furcatus and Ophiorrhiza species Fijesh P Vijayan Jose Padikkala Biochemistry 2012

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