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Influence of the story of Saugandhikaharana on Kerala theatre Geetha, C M Aryadevi, T Sanskrit literature 2004
Informality within tertiary sector in Kerala Soni, T L Mani, K P Economics 2016
Information and communication technology enabled education and governance in the state of Kerala Sunil Abraham Thomas Antony, C A Economics 2016
Inhibition of tumour cell progression by restricting neo vessel formation using natural products Hamsa, T P Girija Kuttan Immunology 2011
Inhibition of tumour specific angiogenesis by natural products Guruvayoorappan, C Girija Kuttan Immunology 2008
Inhibition of viral Oncogenesis as well as adjuvant role of Herbal extracts in Cancer Hari Kumar, K B Ramadasan Kuttan Biochemistry 2008
Inner desolation: A probe into the privatized sensitivity of the characters in the novels of Virginia Woolf and Anita Desai Aleykutty Joseph Joseph Kachapilly English literature 2007
Innovation of an alternated dual task for assessing spatial learning and memory in rats: An investigation by altering the hippocampal integrity using pharmacological and lesion approach Praveen, K V Mukkadan, J K Physiology 2001
Innovative strategies for iron-catalyzed cross- coupling reactions in aqueous medium under aerobic conditions Sindhu, K S Anilkumar, G Chemistry 2017
Institutional finance for housing in Kerala - A study with reference to HDFC and Kerala State Housing Board Helan, A P Ajith Kumar, N Economics 2004
Institutional financing of agriculture in Kerala Antony, M P Mani, K P Economics 2004
Institutionalised student evaluation - Practices, practicability and expected effects Anilkumar, K P Anandan Nair, K Education 2004
Integration of fuzzy logic in data mining to handle vagueness and uncertainty Binu Thomas Raju, G Computer science 2014
Intellectual property rights, International conventions and trips: The Indian experience in the realm of public health Geethika, G Raju K Thadikkaran International relations 2017
Interaction between character and environment in Willa Cather's novel Aniamma Kuriakose Mathew Joseph English literature 1999
Interaction of pollutants with proteins: a spectroscopic study Manjumol Mathew Usha K Environmental science 2017
Interaction of small molecules and ions with self assembled membranes Baburaj, M S Aravindakumar, C T Chemistry 2011
Intercropping of medicinal plants in Rubber plantations - Light requirements and physiology of shade adaptation Ima Neerakkal Sethuraj, M R Botany 1998
Interlattice displacements, second order elastic constants, third order elastic constants and low temperature thermal expansion of some high temperature superconducting crystals Eldhose, N V Menon, C S Physics 1995
International focus on rights of children and the Indian context of human rights of children – Emphasis on the neglected and the disabled Jasmine Alex Vikraman Nair, K Law 2012
Interpenetrating polymer networks based on Natural rubber and Polystyrene Aji P Mathew Sabu Thomas,
Packirisamy, S,
Padmanabhan, A S
Chemistry 2001
Interpersonal relations and competence in public sector enterprises in Kerala – A study with reference to KTDC Kripa Kumar, KS Sonny, V A Commerce 2016
Interpreting scientific expert evidence - With special emphasis on the admissibility and probative value of DNA identification evidence Dinkar, V R George Joseph Law 2006
Interpretive Communities as the Wellspring of Colonialism: An Analysis of the Emergence of the Pre-colonial Western Philosophical Thought through Travelogues and Other Related Works of the Seventeenth Century Benoy Kurian Abraham T J English literature 2018
Interrelationship among multiple intelligences and science interest: An analytical study on students at primary level Prakash Alex Thulasidharan, T V Education 2014
Intramolecular rearrangement and cyclisation reaction of Acytoxy, Hydroxy and Alcoxy ά, β- unsaturated Aromatic Ketones upon protonation in mass spectrometry Sebastian, V S George, M Chemistry 2009
Introducing new public management: A case study of the modernising government programme in Kerala Mathachan, P J John, M S Public administration 2014
Intuiting reality: The poetry of Muriel Rukeyser Aisha Ravindran Chacko, P M English literature 2003
Investigation of the properties of certain important materials in the nano-phase regime Binny Thomas Abdul Khadar, M Physics 1994
Investigation of the relationship between atmospheric electrical conductivity and meteorological parameters Balachandran, K P Murali Das, S Physics 2012

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