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A comparative study on generation differentials of single women in Kerala Licy, A D Shally Joseph Sociology 2009
A study on managerial efficiency in irrigated rice farming systems Madhava Chandran, K George Koilparambil Sociology 2003
Abandoned Muslim wives- Victims of early marriage Sindhu, C A Shally Joseph Sociology 2015
Adolescents in contemporary Kerala family: Issues and challenges Maries, V L Shally Joseph Sociology 2014
Changing social space of women: Special reference to women in Syrian Christian community of Central Travancore Lalcymol Jacob Oommen, M A Sociology 2006
Church and community development: A sociological study with reference to Bhimadole community Sunny Varghese George Koilparambil Sociology 2007
Ethnicity in an urban society: A study of the Gujaratis of Kochi Sara Chacko Jose Kuriedath Sociology 1998
Farmer participation in irrigation management George Chackacherry George Koilparambil Sociology 1994
Labour participation and social mobility among the Pulaya women of rural Kerala Ashly Mathew Jose Kuriedath Sociology 1999
Matriliny favours women: Reality or myth? A comparative study of the socio-cultural status of Mappila Muslim Women in Matrilineal and Patrilineal families of Malabar Fathima, T Shally Joseph Sociology 2016
Post retirement career life of retired government employees in Kerala: A sociological analysis Sudheeran, T S Sandhya, R S Sociology 2016
Priests and society: A sociological study of the Catholic Priests in Kerala Thomas, K O Antony Kariyil (Fr) Sociology 2004
Professionalism among married women teachers Sajitha J Kurup Ramola B Joseph Sociology 2015
Secularisation and communalisation in Kerala: A re-examination of concepts and processes Saji P Jacob Jose Kuriedath Sociology 2000
Self-mortification rituals in Kerala: A study Chanchal Raj, G R Girishkumar, T S Sociology 2016
Single child family and adolescent behaviour pattern : A sociological analysis Amrutha Rinu Abraham Sandhya R S Sociology 2017
Social contributions of the Catholic Church in Kerala with special reference to Higher Education Gibi Jose Roy C Mathew Sociology 2016
Socio-economic analysis of IT professionals in Kerala Grace Varghese Vijaya Kumary, E% Asha Mathew Sociology 2014
Spatiality of social life: A model of spatial complexes Saju, Y Rajan Gurukkal, P M Sociology 2016
The CBSE curriculum and personality development of adolescence – A study of the role given to values in the Central Board of Secondary Education curriculum George Joseph George Koilparambil Sociology 2005
The shift in social conception of old age: A case study of the aged population in Pathanamthitta District Annamma Abraham George Mathew Sociology 2008
Work-life balance - A sociological study of women professionals in Kerala Claramma Thomas, K Ramola B Joseph Sociology 2008

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