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A comparative study of the CPI (M) and CPI led coalition governments in Kerala: Politics and policy implementation Sivadasan, E N Cyriac Thomas Political science 1991
Acceptance and perception of e-governance among elected representatives of Local Bodies in Kannur District Sabu Thomas John, M S Political science 2013
Bilateral relations as a factor hampering Regional Co-operation in South Asia Udayanan, B Varghese, V V Political science 2006
Committee system as a mechanism for the effective functioning of legislature with particular reference to Kerala Rajan, T Varghese, V V Political science 2004
Contribution of Swami Vivekananda to the national integration of India Sivakumar, M V Girishkumar, T S Political science 2008
Decentralisation and local development- A study of Gramapanchayat institutions in Meenachil Taluk Noel Mathews Roy C. Mathew Political science 2015
Empowerment and development in the Laksham Veedu Colonies of Kerala: A case study of Kottayam District Jobin T Johny Stany Thomas Political science 2016
Empowerment of Dalits and the role of Dalit movements in Kerala: A study of Kottayam District Tomy Joseph (Fr) Mathew, M M Political science 2011
Farmers movement in Kerala: A study of INFAM Shaji John Mathew, M M Political science 2014
Government to Business interaction through E-Governance in Kerala Madhusudhan, B Thomas, P M Political science 2016
Ideological fermentation in the Communist Party of India since 1964 with special reference to Kerala unit Radhakrishnan, V D Varghese, V V Political science 2003
Indo-Soviet relations 1971 -1980: A study of the impact of the treaty of peace, friendship and co-operation on bi-lateral relations Mary Senterla, P S Cheriyan, C V Political science 1991
Political socialisation of student organisations in Kerala: With special reference to Mahatma Gandhi University Mathew, M M Cyriac Thomas Political science 1996
Political socialization of the Tribals Geetha, T K Rajan Gurukkal Political science 2001
Politics of educational management: A case study of the Christian minority in Kerala Ruble Raj Cyriac Thomas Political science 2003
Rural democracy and political participation in Kerala - A case study of the role of women with special reference to Kottayam District Georgekutty, M V Cyriac Thomas Political science 2004
Secularism and the politics of religious minorities in Kerala with special reference to Christian community Roy Varghese Cyriac Thomas Political science 2009
Stability of Governments under coalition politics in Kerala since 1960 Jacob, N C Varghese, V V Political science 2004
State response towards human rights violations among Adivasis in Wayanad District. Babu Antony Mathew, M M Political science 2015
The politics of environmental governance- A case study of Western Ghats region of Idukki District Manoj Kumar, B Stany Thomas Political science 2016
The politics of Higher education in Kerala: A study of the policies of reform (1957-1987) Stany Thomas Cyriac Thomas Political science 1996
The relevance of Gandhism in the post-independence politics in Kerala Jose, K K Cyriac Thomas Political science 1997

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