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An analysis of academic achievement and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence of school children Agnes Jose Jose James Physical education 2011
An analytical study of the incentive motivation of the badminton players at national level Binu George Varghese Jose James Physical education 2009
Analysis of emotional intelligence and personality among national level track and field Athletes Mini Thomas Jayashree Acharya Physical education 2016
Analysis of flow states and team cohesion in male field hockey players Saju, S Jayashree Acharya Physical education 2011
Anthropometric and motor performance as predictor variables of spike jump and block jump in Volleyball Mathews Jacob Jose James Physical education 2017
Assessing physical education conceptual knowledge of pre-service education teachers of Kerala Moby Thomas Manoj T I Physical education 2017
Construction of a test battery to assess the basketball playing ability of women players Suma Joseph Jose James Physical education 2014
Development of physical education activity manual for school children in Kerala State Babitha Mathews Jayashree Acharya Physical education 2015
Effect of cognitive and somatic strategies on psycho-physiological parameters of female athletes Mary Antony Anil, R Physical education 2012
Effect of various fitness training programmes on health related physical fitness of school children Joy, M T Jose James Physical education 2011
Gender differences in attitude towards physical activity, sports orientation and locus of control of school students in Kerala Chacko Joseph Jayashree Acharya Physical education 2011
Gender differences in physical activity, Dietary practice and health risk behaviour among undergraduate college students Thankachan Mathew Manoj T I Physical education 2017
Gendered perspective on relational health perceived stress coping and athlete satisfaction among female college athletes in Kerala Jimmy Joseph Manoj, T I Physical education 2012
Goal orientation perceived motivational climate, causal dimensions and sources of sports confidence among Football players of Kerala Stalin Raphel Anil Ramachandran Physical education 2016
Isolated and combined effect of walking and Yogasana on selected health related physical fitness variables and bio-chemical variables among teacher trainees Hussain, K P Antony, A M Physical education 2015
Professionalism and burnout among college physical education teachers in Kerala Raju, K A Manoj, T I Physical education 2015
Psychological profiling of Indian track and field athletes Arif Khan, L Jayashree Acharya Physical education 2015
Psychophysiological stress profiling during various stages of training for elite badminton players Renosh James Jayashree Acharya Physical education 2014
Relationship between athletic coping skill and cognitive coping strategies among national level athletes of various sports Anjali, O Jayashree Acharya Physical education 2013

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