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Advaita and new science Harish, D Girishkumar, T S Philosophy 2014
Concept of mind in the principal Upanishads Jayaprakash, B Girishkumar, T S Philosophy 2014
Gandhiji's philosophy of religion and it's applicability in our education Mathews T Jacob Girishkumar, T S Philosophy 2008
Idea of unity in quantum philosophy and Upanishads Kartika, T S Nirmala Devi, D Philosophy 2014
Jaina and Nyaya Vaisesika philosophies: A comparative study Suseela, K C Gangadharan Nair, G Philosophy 2001
Metaphysical and Ethical Dimensions of Christ Experience in the writings of Swamy Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi- A critical analysis Subrahmanyan, P T Radakrishnan, K S Philosophy 2016
The idea of womanhood in the social philosophy of Swami Vivekananda Nagamony, P S Nirmala Devi, D Philosophy 2014
The impact of Vedanta on the integral Yoga of Maharshi Aurobindo Bendas, D S Girishkumar, T S Philosophy 2016
The inclusiveness of metaphysics of mysticism in the Advaitism of Sri Aurobindo - A methodological analysis Martin Sebastian Radhakrishnan, K S Philosophy 2007

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