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Studies on the genetic variability of Neem (Azadirachta Indica A. Juss) in South India Rema Devi, G Satheesh, R Environmental science 2005
Studies on the mosquitoes of Thiruvananthapuram City with special reference to the bionomics of Anopheles stephensi Dilipkumar, T Narayana Pillai, K G Environmental science 2007
Studies on the phytotoxic stress impact of a synthetic detergent on some fresh water macrophytes of lower Kuttanad wetland, Kerala Lekha Nair Madhu, G,
Thomas, A P
Environmental science 2008
Studies on the potential of Colocasia esculenta (L) schott in wastewater treatment and recovery of energy Bindu T Abraham Ramasamy, E V Environmental science 2009
Studies on the potentials of earthworm species as bioremediating and biological control agents Sujatha, S Ramasamy, E V Environmental science 2014
Studies on water management strategies in Elavanchery Grama Panchayat with a view to develop a pollution abatement water conservation model for rural development Vasudevan Pillai, K George, K V Environmental science 2016
Survival and Risk Assessment of Biofilm Associated Bacteria in Drinking Water Microcosms and Distribution Systems Jyothy, S Mohamed Hatha, A A Environmental science 2017
Taxonomy, distribution and ecology of the Riparian flora of Pamba river, Kerala Joby Paul Sankaran Unni, K Environmental science 2013

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