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Investigations on certain biochemical changes and Phyllosphere microflora of Hevea Brasiliensis as influenced by nitrogenous fertilizer application and Corynespora cassilicola inoculation Annakutty Joseph Kothandaraman, R Botany 1998
Isolation and molecular Characterisation of β-1, 3-Glucanase gene and its role in combating abnormal leaf fall disease in Rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis Muell Arg) Thanseem Ismail Thulaseedharan, A Botany 2005
Karyomorphological analysis and exploration of major essential oil constituents in Piper Linn and allied Genera Annie Joseph Menachery Joseph Jose Botany 2000
Karyomorphometrical analysis and exploration of major chemical constituents in Dioscoreaceae Paul M J Manickathan Joseph Jose Botany 2009
Karyomorphometrical analysis and exploration of major essential oil constituents in Zingiberaceae Roy Joseph Joseph Jose Botany 1999
Micropropagational, callus inductional, callus anatomical and insitu performance of plantlets of Bamboo variety Ochlandra (Reeds) in Kerala Shaji Philip Baby Chacko Botany 1998
Molecular cloning, characterization and expression of Rubber elongation factor gene from Hevea Brasiliensis Muell Arg Priya, P Thulaseedharan, A Botany 2006
Morphological and anatomical studies in some South Indian Scrophulariaceae Annie Deleela, C J Avita (Sr) Botany 1994
Morphological and histochemical studies in some tropical Acanthaceae Thara K Simon Avita (Sr) Botany 1994
Palynological studies on certain Malvales Geetha Lakshmi, K Raju, E C Botany 2004
Palynological studies on the South Indian Papilionaceae Kuriakose, M E Raju, E C Botany 2001
Pharmacognostic, Phytochemical and tissue culture studies of Tylophora indica(Burm.f.) Merrill Smitha S Joseph P Varghese Botany 2017
Photochemical and Molecular Systematic of Artemisia spp. Rashmi, T R Francis, M S Botany 2016
Physiological and biochemical changes during the germination and seedling growth of Bael seeds (Aegle Marmelose Corr) Hari, N Gopalakrishnan, P K Botany 2004
Physiological changes and distribution patterns of Mangrove flora of Cochin Suma, K P Joy, C M Botany 2001
Phytochemical and Molecular systematics of Aristolochia spp. Soumya Murali Francis, M S Botany 2016
Phytochemical and nutritional analysis of Horse gram (Dolichos biflorus Linn) Sreelekshmi, S G Avita (Sr) Botany 2012
Phytochemical studies and biological activities of selected members of family Asclepiadaceae Meena Thomas Irimpan Sheela, D Botany 2013
Plantation technology: Propagation techniques and nursery practices for seven indigenous medicinal and avenue tree species of Kerala Justin R Nayagam Mani Varghese, K I Botany 2012
Pollen morphology of Coconut (Cocos nucifera Linn) Haneesa Beevi, A Nair, P K K Botany 2006
Quantitative ethnobotany and phytochemistry of selected plants used in traditional therapeutics by ethnic trines of Wayanad district, Kerala Sreejit, C M Thomas Mathew, P Botany 2015
Reproductive biology and tissue culture studies in Winged bean [Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (L) DC] Eapen P Koshy Philip John Botany 2008
Reproductive biology, seed technology and phytochemistry of garcinia gummi-gutta (l.) Robson and oroxylum indicum (l.) Vent. Salvy Thomas Scaria K. Varghese,
Antony V T
Botany 2018
Roadside vegetation in relation to heavy metal contamination in Kottayam District, Kerala Jojo George Ray, J G Botany 2010
Species diversity in the freshwater algae of Pathanamthitta District of Kerala and DNA barcoding and bioprospecting of selected Taxa Jackson, A Nadaraja Panikkar, M V Botany 2016
Strategies to improve the quality of Spices cultivated in Kerala Jose, K P Joy, C M Botany 2003
Structural studies on Tension wood of Hevea Brasiliensis (Para Rubber) with special reference to clonal variability Francis Mathew Reghu, C P Botany 2004
Studies into Some Post Harvest Diseases of Fruits and Vegetables Caused by Fungi Cherian T T Mani Varghese K I Botany 2004
Studies on ecogeography and genetic diversity of the Genus Momordica L in India Joseph John, K Antony, V T Botany 2005
Studies on Manihot Glaziovii Muell. Arg. with special reference to its potentiality as an alternative source of Natural rubber George, P J Thomas James Botany 1996

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