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Reshmi Vijayan Certain aspects of the ecology of a Mangrove ecosystem in Ayiramthengu Zoology Ramanujan, N 2005
Resmi, G An evaluation of eco-tourism projects in Kerala: A study with special reference to Idukki District Economics Leena Mathew 2013
Reta Melaku Feyisa The role of non-formal education in empowering rural women Development studies Sabukuttan, K 2017
Retnamma, S Studies on α-Oxoketene-S, N-acetals and β-Enaminothioketones Chemistry Asokan, C V 2004
Revathy, K P Self assembly of wide band semiconducting and metallic nanoparticles Physics Unnikrishnan, N V 2014
Revikumar, B (രവികുമാര്‍, ബി) കാളി-ദാരിക പുരാവൃത്തം കേരളത്തിലെ അനുഷ്ഠാന കലകളില്‍ (Kali-Darika myth in the ritual arts of Kerala – A study) Malayalam literature Muraleedharan Nair, T R (മുരളീധരന്‍ നായര്‍, റ്റി ആര്‍) 2006
Riji Hari Morbidity rate and nutritional status of Tribal and non-Tribal Pre-school children in Backward districts of Northern Kerala Home science Kumari, K S 2007
Rinoy Varghese Diversity, Distribution and Physiological Capabilities of Culturable Heterotrophic Bacteria from Grassland, Shola, Myristica Swamp and Evergreen Forest Soils of Southern Western Ghats. Environmental science Mohamed Hatha, A A 2017
Rintu Mary Sebastian Characterization of Nano Zinc Ferrites and Investigations on their Optical Limiting and Antialgal Applications Physics Mohammed, E M 2017
Rinu V Antony Effectiveness of jurisprudential inquiry model on academic performance, entrepreneurial skills and social competence among commerce students at higher secondary level Education Sudharma, A 2015
Rishad, K S Isolation, Molecular Characterization and Enzyme Bioprospection of Chitinolytic Bacteria Associated with Valanthakad Mangrove Ecosystem Microbiology Jisha, M S 2017
Rita Kuriakose (रीता कुर्याक्कोस) प्रेमचन्द के उपन्यासों में यथार्थवाद का पुनर्मूल्यांकन (Re-evaluation of realism in the novels of Premchand) Hindi literature Rajan, C S (राजन, सी एस) 1997
Rithesh Raj D Nanomaterial based fiber optic sensors for bioapplications Physics Sudarsanakumar C 2017
Robi Augustine The role of Holy Bible in Catholic Church’s communication techniques in Kerala society with special reference to the Beatitudes Communication and journalism Girishkumar, T S 2014
Robin Augustine Design and development of polymer nanocomposites for biomedical applications Nanoscience and nanotechnolog Nandakumar Kalarikka% Sabu Thomas 2016
Rocily N Joseph (रोसिलि एन जाँसफ) नरेश मेहता के काव्य में मानवतावाद (Humanism in the poetry of Naresh Mehta) Hindi literature Joseph, N K (जाँसफ, एन के) 2004
Rogi Jacob A study on fuzzy image processing and related areas Mathematics Sunny Kuriakose, A 2016
Rohini Sabu Plant growth promoting and antiphyto- Pathogenic properties of endophytic bacteria from Zingiber officinale Rose Microbiology Radhakrishnan E K 2017
Roice Michael Synthesis of bio-active Peptides on a new, flexible, chemically inert 1, 4-Butanediol Dimethacrylate cross-linked Polystyrene support Chemistry Rajasekharan Pillai, V N 2001
Rojimon P Thomas Molecular based identification and phytochemical evaluation of selected members of Verbenaceae Environmental science Mahesh Mohan 2017
Romilly Margaret Mendez Impact of trawlers on the microalgae of the aquatic ecosystem Botany Merlee Teresa, M V (Sr) 2007
Ronu Thomas Effectiveness of developed multisensory strategy on academic achievement of children with learning disability at primary level Education Jacob, P J 2016
Rony Antony Studies on the antidiabetic and hypolipidemic activities of Phellinus rimosus (BERK) Pilat, a polypore mushroom occurring in Kerala Biochemistry Janardhanan, K K 2013
Rosa Juju Joseph, C Constructing the female subject: Woman in the works of post-Independence Indian English women poets English literature Nithyanatha Bhat, V 2016
Rosalin Abraham Studies on ceramic polymer composites Physics Jayakumari Isac% Sabu Thomas 2009
Rosamma Joseph Changing consumption pattern in Kerala Economics Tessy Kurian 2012
Rosamma Lukos, M Use of self-learning materials: Perception and performance of student teachers at Secondary level Education Jacob, P J 2006
Rosamma Mathew An investigation into the development of the concept and practice of non-violence in the history of Indian thought Gandhian studies Joseph C Mukalel 2000
Rosamma Philip A study of the relationship between intelligence, scientific creativity, achievement motivation, home environment and achievement in Science of Higher Secondary school pupils of Kerala Education Jaleel, P M 2008
Rose George In vivo screening, evaluation and exploitation of Glycoalkaloids through different In vitro systems in selected Solanum species Botany Joy P Joseph 2005

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