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Remany Titus The politics of gender in the poetry of Adrienne Rich and Kamala Das English literature Raveendran, P P 2001
Remany, C Cataloguing and categorisation of unexploited ecotypes of Coconut grown in Kerala Botany Merlee Teresa, M V (Sr) 2004
Remesh B Nair Modified statistical procedures for field experiments in natural rubber, Hevea Brasiliensis Statistics Jose, K K 2015
Remesh, K N Differential morpho anatomical and physio biochemical responses to cadmium, lead and manganese in Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) and Bhindi (Abelmoschus esculentus) Botany Sheela, D 2014
Remesh, P P Puranic episodes in the folk arts of Kerala - With special reference to Tullal Sanskrit literature Aryadevi, T 2006
Remmiya Rajan, P Effectiveness of certain embedded strategies for improving academic performance in economics of students at higher secondary level. Education Jaya Jaise 2011
Remya Ramachandran Effect of corporate information release and its context on price and volume of shares Commerce Tomy Mathew 2013
Remya Remanan Studies on magnetospheric perturbations and modeling of Dst index under various geomagnetic conditions Physics Unnikrishnan, K 2014
Remya Sivadas Generalization of Marshall-Olkin family of distributions and their applications Statistics Jose, K K 2016
Remya, P Impact of reading speed on the comprehension in English of secondary school students Education Celine Pereira 2009
Remya, V K Biochemical changes of Selenium and Galactose induced cataract and anticataractogenic effect of Vitamin C and Vitamin E in Albino rats Biochemistry Shankar Shashidhar 2006
Renginy, K R Influence of domestic violence on mood states, social intelligence and study involvement among adolescents at higher secondary level Education Jayasree, P 2016
Reni Anna Joseph Anti-alcoholic movement in Kerala: A Gandhian analysis Gandhian studies Mahajan P Mani 1996
Renil, M Tetraethyleneglycol diacrylate-crosslinked Polystyrene support for solid phase Peptide synthesis Chemistry Rajasekharan Pillai, V N 1992
Renji George Amballoor Dynamics of demographic transition: A comparative study of Goa and Kerala Economics Mathew Kurian, V 2004
Renjit, J The body dynamism in theatre performance: An intellectual analysis with reference to contemporary Indian theatre Theatre arts Ummer Tharammel 2014
Renju, D The expatriate family in the poems of the Indian diaspora in Canada: A thematic study of select women poets English literature Annie Margaret, P 2010
Renosh James Psychophysiological stress profiling during various stages of training for elite badminton players Physical education Jayashree Acharya 2014
Renu, S (रेणु एस) सत्तरोत्तर हिंदी नाटकों में पौराणिक और पुरावृत्त तत्वों का व्यवहार : एक विवेचन (Sattarottar Hindi natakon mein pouranik aur puravrutta tatvon ka vyavahar: ek vivechan) Hindi literature Narayanakurup, K V (ड़ॉ नारायण कुरूप के वि) 2016
Renuka, M R Effects of some pesticides on histopathological and biochemical aspects of Euphlyctis hexadactylus (Lesson) (Amphibia: Anura) Zoology Andrews, M I 2008
Renuka, N (രേണുക, എന്‍) സ്ത്രീ സ്വത്വത്തിന്റെ ആവിഷ്കാരം ഗ്രേസിയുടെ രചനകളില്‍ (Stree swathwathinte avishkaram Gracyude rachanakalil) Malayalam literature Saramma, K (സാറാമ്മ, കെ) 2009
Renuka, S Folk and mythic roots in the fiction of Toni Morrison and Alice Walker English literature Nithyanantha Bhat, V 2007
Reshma John Production of 20- Hydroxyecdysone from in Vitro Cultures of Achyranthes Aspera Linn Biotechnology Linu Mathew 2016
Reshmi Vijayan Certain aspects of the ecology of a Mangrove ecosystem in Ayiramthengu Zoology Ramanujan, N 2005
Resmi, G An evaluation of eco-tourism projects in Kerala: A study with special reference to Idukki District Economics Leena Mathew 2013
Retnamma, S Studies on α-Oxoketene-S, N-acetals and β-Enaminothioketones Chemistry Asokan, C V 2004
Revathy, K P Self assembly of wide band semiconducting and metallic nanoparticles Physics Unnikrishnan, N V 2014
Revikumar, B (രവികുമാര്‍, ബി) കാളി-ദാരിക പുരാവൃത്തം കേരളത്തിലെ അനുഷ്ഠാന കലകളില്‍ (Kali-Darika myth in the ritual arts of Kerala – A study) Malayalam literature Muraleedharan Nair, T R (മുരളീധരന്‍ നായര്‍, റ്റി ആര്‍) 2006
Riji Hari Morbidity rate and nutritional status of Tribal and non-Tribal Pre-school children in Backward districts of Northern Kerala Home science Kumari, K S 2007
Rinu V Antony Effectiveness of jurisprudential inquiry model on academic performance, entrepreneurial skills and social competence among commerce students at higher secondary level Education Sudharma, A 2015

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