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Reghunathan, M Political economy of India- Sri Lanka economic relations International relations Seethi, K M 2016
Regi P Mathew Developing an interdisciplinary synthetic model for the teaching of population education at the Secondary level Education Sudharma, A 2013
Regi Raphael, K Pharmacological activity of plant derived drugs and the mechanism of action (with special reference to Phyllanthus Amarus Schum & Thonn) Biochemistry Ramadasan Kuttan 2005
Regimol C Cherian Fabrication and characterization studies in organic semiconductor thin films of TiPcCl2, SiPcCl2, SnPcCl2 and SnPc Physics Indulekha, K,
Menon, C S
Rehana P. Ummer Investigation on Nano-sized Multiferroic BiFeO3-NaNbO3 ceramics and its polymer composites Physics Nandakumar Kalarikkal 2016
Reichel Samuel Synthetic investigations on functionalized Dithioesters Chemistry Asokan, C V 2000
Rejani, V A (रजनी, वी ए) ममता कालिया के कथा साहित्य में नारी अस्मिता का तलाश (Mamatha Kaliya ke katha sahitya mein nari asmita ki talash) Hindi literature Mathew, K M (मैथ्यू, के एम) 2015
Rejesh, M N Impact of Value Added Tax on the financial and tax management practices of the VAT assessees of Kerala Commerce Sunnykutty Thomas 2011
Reji Kumar, P R Structural, optical and dielectric studies of HO3+ doped Silica glasses Physics Unnikrishnan, N V 2012
Reji, M A The role of Small Industries Development Bank of India in the development of small scale industrial sector in Kerala Commerce Joy Joseph Puthussery 2006
Rejikumar, D (റെജികുമാര്‍, ഡി) മാര്‍ത്താണ്ഡവര്‍മ്മയും ഐവാന്നൊയും - ഒരു താരതമ്യപഠനം (Marthanda Varma and Ivanhoe – A comparison) Malayalam literature Babu Sebastian (ബാബു സെബാസ്റ്റ്യന്‍) 2009
Rejikumar, K T Human rights practices in the Islamic Republic of Iran: A study of the rights of women and minorities International relations Ramakrishnan, A K 2016
Rejimol Jose (റെജിമോൾ ജോസ്) സ്ഥാപനവത്കരണത്തോടുള്ള സമീപനം സി ജെ യുടെ കൃതികളിൽ (Sthaapanavatkaranathodulla sameepanam C J yude kruthikalil) Malayalam literature Jayasree, V R (ജയശ്രീ വി ആർ) 2016
Rejimon, P M Socio-economic impact of deforestation on the Tribals in Kerala: A case study of Idukki District Economics Antony, C A 2002
Rejith, P G Environmental health perspectives of a panchayat in Idukki district of Western Ghats Environmental science Mohamed Hatha, A A 2015
Rejitha B R Effects of annealing on the optical, electrical, and structural properties of thermal evaporated TTBPc,ZnTTBPc, CuTTBPc, thin filma Physics Menon, C S 2016
Rejitha, K S Thermal decomposition studies of some Nickel Amine complexes in the solid state Chemistry Suresh Mathew 2011
Rekha J Nair Studies on the Flatfish diversity of India Zoology Gopalakrishnan, A 2012
Rekha Mathews The realist dilemma and post-modernist experimentation: A study in the novels of Iris Murdoch English literature Mathew Joseph 2016
Rekha Parthasarathy Studies on λ Cyhalothrin induced biochemical and histological alterations in Oreochromis mossambicus Zoology John Joseph 2012
Rekha Raj Politics of gender and dalit identity: Representation of Dalit women in contemporary Dalit discourses in Kerala International relations Ramakrishanan, A K 2016
Rekha Rajan Boundary layer aerosol characteristics at a tropical coastal station Trivandrum from Lidar and impactor measurements Physics Parameswaran, K 2002
Rekha, K A study on the mineral nutrition and biochemistry of some Freshwater Phytoplankters Botany Merlee Teresa, M V (Sr) 2004
Rekha, K Agrobacterium mediated molecular breeding in Hevea brasiliensis for crop improvement Biotechnology Nazeem, P A,
Venkatachalam, P
Rekha, K (രേഖ, കെ) ആധുനിക ചിത്രകലയിലും കവിതയിലും പ്രകടമാകുന്ന സമാനതകള്‍ (Emerging congruent trends in modern art and poem) Malayalam literature Beenamma Mathew (ബീനാമ്മ മാത്യു) 2014
Rekha, K R Cumulative backwardness of High school students in English with special reference to the socially and culturally disadvantaged sections: Diagnosis and remediation models Education Vedamani Manuel, N 2008
Rekha, P S Role of Rasayanas in ameliorating radiation and chemotherapy induced toxicity Biochemistry Ramadasan Kuttan 2003
Rekha, V B A comparative study of the hydrological scenario of Peruvanthanam sub-watershed and Valiyathodu sub-watershed of Manimala River basin, Kerala, South India Environmental science George, A V 2013
Relfi Paul Global IPR regime and broadcasting rights: Implications for developing countries special reference to India International relations Girish Kumar, R 2016
Rema Devi, G Studies on the genetic variability of Neem (Azadirachta Indica A. Juss) in South India Environmental science Satheesh, R 2005

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