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Rajasree, K Synthesis of Polymer bound Amine-Borane reducing agents and the investigation of the effect of the Polymer matrix on the reactivity of the bound reagent Chemistry Devaky, K S 2004
Rajasree, R Studies on the endomycorrhizal synthesis in Seasamum indicum L. Botany Harikumar, V S 2011
Rajasree, S Effectiveness of McCormack and Yager taxonomy in teaching physics at secondary level Education Jacob, P J 2013
Rajee Reghunath Effectiveness of structured teaching and counseling in reducing the burden of caregivers of persons with dementia Behavioural science Razeena Padmam, M S 2010
Rajeemole, C R (राजीमोल, सी आर) विवेकी राय के उपन्यासों में आंचलिकता (Viveki Rai ke upanyasom mein anchalikata) Hindi literature Mathew, K M (मैथ्यू, के एम) 2011
Rajeesh, A P Contempt of Court Law Pramodan, M C 2013
Rajeev Kumar, N A study of life events and certain personality variables of Rheumatoid Arthritic patients Behavioural science Razeena Padmam, M S 2000
Rajeev Thomas Micro credit and micro enterprises under Kudumbashree for rural development – A study with special reference to Malappuram District (Kerala) Commerce Roy C Mathew 2014
Rajeev, M M Disaster management: The role of local self Government and the community participation in Kerala International relations Vinodan, C 2013
Rajeev, U (രാജീവ്, യു) ജനപ്രിയസിനിമകളിലെ മലയാളി: ശ്രീനിവാസന്റെ സിനിമകളെ ആസ്പദമാക്കിയുള്ള വിശകലനം (Representation of Malayali in popular films: An analysis based on the works of Sreenivasan) Malayalam literature Vinayachandran Pillai, D (വിനയചന്ദ്രന്‍ പിള്ള, ഡി) 2011
Rajendran Nair, P Role of Co-operative and Private sectors in Coir industry - A comparative study Economics Ajith Kumar, N 2006
Rajesh Komath Political economy of the Theyyam – A study of the time-space homology Economics Michael Tharakan 2014
Rajesh Kumar, B Tunable thermo-optical properties of fluids using nanoparticles Physics Achamma Kurian 2014
Rajesh Kumar, N V The effect of natural products on Chemical Carcinogenesis Biochemistry Ramadasan Kuttan 2002
Rajesh Kumar, P N (राजेष कुमार, पी एन) समकालीन कविता के संदर्भ में अरुण कमल की कविताएँ (Samakaleen kavita ke sandarbh mem Arun Kamal ki kavitayem) Hindi literature Babu Joseph (बाबू जाँसफ) 2012
Rajesh Kumar, S Dynamics of Life insurance business – A study of Private and Public sector in India Economics Raju, K V 2013
Rajesh, C Novel Heterocyclic construction using Dipolar cycloaddition reactions of Quinonoid compounds Chemistry Vijay Nair, G 2002
Rajesh, K Economics of Rubber based industries in Kerala Economics Sunny, K A 2006
Rajesh, M G Hepatoprotective efficacy of a Herbal drug and certain selected Medicinal plants Biochemistry Latha, M S 2002
Rajesh, N Factors affecting responsible environmental behaviour of Secondary School students of Kerala Education Thulasidharan, T V 2016
Rajesh, R Electrical conductivity and dielectric studies on single crystals of Nickel and Manganese selenates Physics Godfrey, L 2008
Rajesh, S Development and characterization of high dielectric flexible PTFE/ ceramic substrates for microwave circuit applications Physics Ratheesh, R 2009
Rajesh, T Human resource management practices in hotel industry in Kerala Commerce Vasanthagopal, R 2014
Rajeswari, K Preparation and testing of remedial teaching materials for educationally backward students in Chemistry at the Secondary school level Education Exemmal, J 2005
Rajeswary, P J Effect of pupil-and-institution related factors on the development of English language skills of Secondary school children Education Sudharma, A 2000
Raji George Marriage and domestic life in the Nnvels of Kamala Markandaya and Anita Desai English literature Parvathi Devi, N 1998
Raji Joseph Changing perspectives in asset liability management in the post-reform phase of modern Banking - A study Commerce Joy Joseph Puthussery 2005
Raji Koshy Fabrication and characterization in organic semiconducting thin films of CIAICIPc, F16CuPc and CI16FePc Physics Menon, C S 2012
Raji Mohan A study on the impact of medical tourism on Kerala Commerce Joseph, K X 2015
Raji Prasad, G V Health problems of industrial working women in Ernakulam district: An economic evaluation Economics Visakha Varma, G 2014

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