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Lijy Jacob Anticancer studies of Clitoria ternatea (Linn.) Biochemistry Latha, M S 2013
Lila S Nair Analytical approach using KS elements to long-term Near-Earth orbit predictions including Earth’s oblateness and air drag Mathematics Sharma, R K 2005
Lila, M L Contribution of A R Rajarajavarma to Sanskrit grammar Sanskrit literature Meenambal, K S 2000
Lilly Varghese (Sr) Formulation of certain strategies for planning, development and evaluation of the practical programmes other than practice teaching in colleges of Teacher education Education Sudharma, A 2007
Lilly, C O കൊച്ചി കായൽ തുരുത്തുകളിലേ ലത്തീൻ കത്തോലിക്കരുടെ ജീവിതവും സംസ്കാരവും മലയാളനോവലിൽ (Life culture of Latin Catholics of Cochin islands in Malayalam Novels) Malayalam literature Krishna Kaimal, V K 2015
Lilly, N C A psycho-educational approach for the modification of alcohol expectancies among the adolescents Social work Varghese K Varghese 2012
Lilly, V S (Sr) (लिल्ली, वी एस) बच्चन के गद्य साहित्य का विश्लेषणात्मक अध्ययन (An analytical study of the prose literature of Haribans Rai Bacchan) Hindi literature Eladom, N R (एले़डम, एन आर) 1997
Lillykutty Abraham (ലില്ലിക്കുട്ടി എബ്രഹാം) ക്രിസ്തീയത പൊന്‍കുന്നം വര്‍ക്കിയുടെ രചനകളില്‍ (The Christianity in the works of Ponkunnam Varkey) Malayalam literature Saramma, K (സാറാമ്മ, കെ) 2009
Lima Antony Gerard Manley Hopkins and Indian poetics English literature Nithyanantha Bhat, V 2012
Limsey, P R (ലിംസി, പി ആര്‍) സ്നേഹവും സഹനവും ബനീഞ്ഞാക്കവിതകളില്‍ (Charity and suffering in the poems of Mary Baninja) Malayalam literature Kurien, K C (കുര്യന്‍, കെ സി) 2007
Limsy John, T Parental stimulation and peer experiences as correlates of select social relations and academic achievement of Primary school children Education Suresh, K P 2009
Lincy Alex A systematic study on the growth and properties of metal coordinated malonate and malate crystals Physics Saban, K V 2016
Linda, P G The sense of isolation in the works of Toru Dutt and Emily Dickinson English literature Joseph Kachapilly 2001
Linu M. Salim Biocontrol of chilli anthracnose caused by Colletotrichum Capsici with phosphate solubilizing Pseudomonas Aeruginosa isolated from chilli rhizosphere Microbiology Jisha, M S 2016
Linu Mathew Studies on the anticancer effects of Cassia fistula L Biotechnology Shankar Shashidhar 2008
Linu Mathew Philip Trade safety nets and agricultural production system in international agreements with special reference to Kerala International relations Girish Kumar, R 2014
Lisa P Lukose Protection of traditional knowledge as intellectual property – With special reference to India Law George Joseph 2009
Lishamol Tomy Autoregressive processes with convolutions of Gaussian and Non- Gaussian marginal distributions and their applications Statistics Jose, K K 2010
Lissa Joseph Effect of value analysis model and value clarification model on the effective domain processes of students at secondary level Education Celine Pereira 2015
Lissy Jacob A study on invariants in fuzzy convexity theory Mathematics Rosa, M V 2013
Lissy Jose Transition metal complexes derived from polymeric ligands Chemistry Rajasekharan Pillai, V N 1994
Lissy Mathew, V (ലിസി മാത്യു, വി) സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യാനന്തര മലയാള നോവലുകളിലെ ഹാസ്യം: ബഷീര്‍, വി കെ എന്‍ എന്നിവരുടെ കൃതികളെ ആസ്പദമാക്കി ഒരു പഠനം (Humor in post independent Malayalam novels with special reference to Basheer and V K N) Malayalam literature Vasanthan, S K (വസന്തന്‍, എസ് കെ) 1997
Lissy, K P A comprehensive investigation into some selected species of Sida Linn with reference to their substitutes and adulterants Botany Thara K Simon% Latha, M S 2005
Lisy Cherian Optimization in fuzzy environment Mathematics Sunny Kuriakose, A 2010
Litty Joseph Cytotoxic potential of selected South Indian Medicinal Plants Pharmacy Srinivasan, K K 2016
Liza Jacob Impact of heavy metal pollutants on the germination, histo-morphology, productivity and histochemistry of certain plants of Solanaceae Botany Avita (Sr) 1997
Liza Mathew, K Developing a learning package based on geographic information system (GIS) for enhancing certain cognitive and affective variables of students at secondary level Education Minikutty, A 2016
Lizmitha Godwin Health and nutritional status of women and preschool children in urban slums of Kochi Home science Kumari, K S 2011
Lizy James Family configuration of children with behaviour disorders Social work Alex, O J (Fr) 1998
Lizy Paul The role of action in the development of personality: A study based on Mahatma Gandhi's life and writings Gandhian studies Chirappanath, A K 1993

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