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Leelamma Mathew The Development of Mythic Consciousness in the Selected Novels of Chinua Achebe and Ayi Kwei Armah English literature Mathew Joseph 2006
Leelamma Sebastian Study of the variants among in vitro regenerated plants in Banana, Musa Paradisiaca, L Var Nendran and Poovan with special reference to ontogeny of shoot and floral apices Botany Mathew, M M 2007
Leelamma, M Performance appraisal of SBI Mutual Funds with special reference to Kerala State Commerce Tharsis Joseph 2004
Leelamma, P N Studies on the catalytic activity of quaternary Ammonium chloride residues in polymeric systems and their applications in triphasic reactions Chemistry Devaky, K S 2012
Leema, T G An economic analysis of Kole cultivation in Kerala with special reference to Thrissur District Economics Thomas, E M 2016
Leemol Davis Kattukaren Immunomodulatory activity of Withania Somnifera - Its implication in the treatment of Cancer Immunology Girija Kuttan 2004
Leena B Cheriyan The synergy of the aesthetics of Rasa and Aucitya as manifested in the Dramas of T S Eliot English literature Abraham Karickam, M Y 2004
Leena John Palynological studies on the South Indian myrtales Environmental science (botany) Kuriakose, M E 2014
Leena Lukose Non-formal education and the uplift of the Rural masses: A study with reference to the Coastal area of Alappuzha District Gandhian studies Joseph C Mukalel 2001
Leena Varghese Baseline risk factors for Coronary heart diseases in Kochi Home science Kumari, K S 2008
Leena, N Oriental influences on Lawrence Durrell's attitude to sex English literature Ravindran Nambiar, C 2005
Leesal Iype Phase transition studies in selected selenate crystals Physics Godfrey, L,
Paul, C M
Lekha Nair Studies on the phytotoxic stress impact of a synthetic detergent on some fresh water macrophytes of lower Kuttanad wetland, Kerala Environmental science Madhu, G% Thomas, A P 2008
Lekha, G Panchayati raj in Kerala after the seventy third amendment: Problems related to transition Gandhian studies John, M S 2005
Lekha, K R (ലേഖ, കെ ആര്‍) മലയാളത്തിലെ കീര്‍ത്തനസാഹിത്യം - എഴുത്തച്ഛന്റെയും ശ്രീനാരായണ ഗുരുവിന്റെയും കൃതികളെ മുന്‍നിര്‍ത്തി ഒരു പഠനം (Devotional literature in Malayalam- A study based on the works of Ezhuthachan and Sree Narayana Guru) Malayalam literature Kurien, K C (കുര്യന്‍, കെ സി) 2009
Lekha, S (ലേഖ, എസ്) മാധവിക്കുട്ടിയുടെ കഥകളിലെ സ്ത്രീകഥാപാത്രങ്ങള്‍ - ഒരു പഠനം (Female characters in the stories of Madhavikkutty - A study) Malayalam literature Leelamma, C P (ലീലാമ്മ, സി പി) 1999
Lekshmi Bhai, P S The effect of advertisement on consumer behavior and brand preference with special reference to selected consumer durables in Kerala Management studies Sreeranganadhan, K 2013
Lekshmi V Bose Pharmacognostic and phytochemical studies on premna serratifolia L in Kerala Environmental science (botany) George, K V 2015
Lekshmi, S Developing a package for enhancing social intelligence of students at Primary level Education Minikutty, A 2013
Lekshmy, P L Local history of Mavelikkara History Cherian, P J 2013
Lekshmy, R Protection against deleterious consequences of ionizing radiation by synthetic and natural compounds Biochemistry Nair, C K K 2013
Leni, V Regional disparities in human development in Kerala Economics Abraham George 2007
Leslee Thomas Parody and politics in post-colonial fiction: The Indian experience (with particular rReference to Shashi Tharoor's The great Indian novel) English literature Harris, V C 2001
Letha, R Studies on pollutants and food additives Biochemistry Muraleedhara Kurup, G 2001
Liby Cherian (लिबी चेरियान) मैत्रेयि पुष्पा के उपन्यासों में समसामयिक समस्यायैं: एक अध्ययन (Maitreyi Pushpa ke upanyason mein samsamayik samsyaein: ek adhyayan ) Hindi literature Mohanan Pillai, K (मोहनन पिल्ला के) 2015
Licy, A D A comparative study on generation differentials of single women in Kerala Sociology Shally Joseph 2009
Liji Joseph (ലിജി ജോസഫ്) സേതുവിന്റെ കഥാലോകം: ഒരു പഠനം (Sethuvinte kathalokam: oru padanam) Malayalam literature Bhanumathi Amma, B (ഭാനുമതിയമ്മ, ബി) 2001
Liji, K T Impact of replacement migration on wages and employment on construction sector in Kerala Economics Ajith Kumar, N 2014
Liju, V. B Biological studies especially related to Cancer on the essential oil from Turmeric (Curcuma Longa Linn) Biochemistry 2016
Lijy Jacob Anticancer studies of Clitoria ternatea (Linn.) Biochemistry Latha, M S 2013

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