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Kochuthresiamma Joseph Studies on vesicular-arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi in the growth improvement of Pueraria Phaseoloides Benth Botany Kothandaraman, R 1997
Kolattukudy Jose Shirley Rural-urban migration of women: A study of employees in trade and commerce of Kochi city. Economics Martin Patrick 2017
Komala Vally, P Socio-economic impact of power sector - A study with reference to NTPC’s Kayamkulam combines cycle power plant Economics Martin Patrick 2009
Koshy, P G A study of medically important mosquito vectors in Pathanamthitta District of Kerala, India Zoology Jose D Kaippallil 2014
Koshy, P M Environmental stress studies with reference to the pollution in the Vattakayal backwaters near the industrial area of Chavara, Kollam district, Kerala Environmental science Thomas, A P 2013
Koyamma Koya, M Social analysis of toponyms: A case study of Place names and Family names of Androth and Kalpeni Islands Social science Raghava Varier, M R 2004
Kripa Kumar, KS Interpersonal relations and competence in public sector enterprises in Kerala – A study with reference to KTDC Commerce Sonny, V A 2016
Krishna Das, E Theoretical investigation of random lasers and electron transport in disordered media Physics Vijayagovindan, G V 2001
Krishna Kumar, I M 1, 4-Butanediol Dimethacrylate-crosslinked Polystyrene as an efficient support for solid-phase Peptide synthesis Chemistry Beena Mathew 2000
Krishna, E Marshall-Olkin generalisation of some distributions and their applications Statistics Jose, K K 2012
Krishnadas, K Agro-processing in Kerala - A case study of Rice mills in Kalady Economics Mohanakumar, P S 2007
Krishnakumar G Carceral Narratives: A Study of Prison Literature English literature Harris V C 2017
Krishnakumar, G A study on human resource practices of textile mill industry in Kerala Management studies Sreeranganadhan, K 2014
Krishnakumar, G Environmental Justice and its administration in India Law Sukumari Antherjanam, D 2016
Krishnakumar, K P Investigation on the electrical, optical and structural properties of Metal Phthalocyanine thin films-MgPc, FePc and ZnPc Physics Menon, C S 1999
Krishnakumar, K R Phytochemical and antidiabetic studies of some indigenous medicinal plants Pharmacy Srinivasan, K K 2015
Krishnakumar, S Studies on the electrical, optical and thermal properties of Molybdenum trioxide, Vanadium pentoxide and Titanium dioxide thin films Physics Menon, C S 1995
Krishnakumari, M P Configuration of space in the poetry of Meena Alexander and Anna Sujatha Mathai English literature Harris, V C 2008
Krishnakumary, M R Customer relationship management in the Housing Finance Sector: A study of select Commercial Banks and Housing Finance Companies in Kerala Management studies Santhosh P. Thampi 2016
Krishnan Embran, M K A study on women entrepreneurship in Kerala Commerce Tharsis Joseph 2004
Krishnan Namboothiri, N S A study on the management practices followed in plantations in Kerala Commerce Tomy Mathew 2006
Krishnan, S Impact of WTO on spices sector in India: An econometric analysis Economics Mani, K P 2013
Krishnaraj, K U Chloromethyleneiminium salt mediated synthesis of Nitrogen Heterocycles Chemistry Devaky, K S 2011
Krupa K Alex Total quality management(TQM) Implementation in hospitals – Issues &challenges Development studies Harilakshmeendra Kumar 2017
Kumari Jayasree, P In vitro regeneration of Rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg. Cv. RRII 105) from immature anther explants via somatic embryogenesis Botany Thulaseedharan, A 2009
Kumari Roshini, V S Texture based image segmentation and analysis of medical image Computer science Raju, G 2012
Kumari S Girija Scholastic backwardness, science process skills and scientific creativity of upper primary students Special education Sukumaran, P S 2014
Kumari, K S Nutrition/health education packages for use in the developmental programmes for women and children in Kerala Food science and nutrition Usha Chandrasekhar 1995
Kunhambu, V V People’s campaign for the Ninth Plan: A study of decentralised planning in three Gram panchayats of Kannur District in Kerala Gandhian studies (political sc John, M S 2003
Kunjoonjamma, C Y (कुञ्जूञ्जम्मा, सी वै) जैनेद्रकुमार के उपन्यासों में नारीमनोविज्ञान : एक सैद्धांतिक अध्ययन (Jainendrakumar ke upanyasom mem narimanovigyan: Ek saidhantik adhyayan) Hindi literature Vijayan Nampoothiri, T P (विजयन नम्बूतिरी, टी पी) 2000

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