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Jayaprakash, B Concept of mind in the principal Upanishads Philosophy Girishkumar, T S 2014
Jayaraj, B A study of gestures among children with speech and hearing impairments, normal children and adults Psychology Razeena Padmam, M S 2005
Jayarajan, T K Stress management practices among executives in private sector in Kerala Commerce Vasanthagopal, R 2016
Jayaram, E R Open source movement in biotechnology research – A contemporary study on research data protection and legal issues in intellectual property management Law Vikraman Nair, K 2012
Jayashree Nair, K Megaliths in Kasaragod: Understanding and unexplored region Social science Raghava Varier, M R 2008
Jayashree, G Anticancerous and antiatherogenic principles from Medicinal plants Biochemistry Muraleedhara Kurup, G 2001
Jayashree, M S Studies on respiratory functions during menstrual cycle Physiology Shankar Shashidhar% Haridas, M 2002
Jayashree, R Development of transgenic hevea brasiliensis for the over expression of 3-Hydroxy-3- methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase 1 (hmgr 1) gene Biotechnology Nazeem, P A,
Venkatachalam, P
Jayasooryan, K K Accumulation of heavy metals in selected Benthic organisms and Fishes of Vembanad Lake Ecosystem Environmental sciences Ramasamy, E V 2016
Jayasree Amma, K Public awareness and response to environmental problems and sustainable development- A case study of Kuttanadu in Alappuzha district Gandhian studies Maharajan, M 2010
Jayasree Gopalakrishnan Studies on inositols in Hevea latex: Isolation, characterization and their role in drought tolerance Biochemistry Molly Thomas 2016
Jayasree, C (ജയശ്രീ, സി) പച്ചമലയാള പ്രസ്ഥാനം: പ്രസക്തിയും പരിമിതിയും - ഒരു പഠനം (Pachamalayalam School: Its relevance and limitations - A study) Malayalam literature Moosath, N N (മൂസത്, എന്‍ എന്‍) 1995
Jayasree, K (ജയശ്രീ കെ) എൻ മോഹനൻറെ കൃതികളിലെ കാല്പനികത (Romanticism in the works of N Mohanan) Malayalam language Jayasree V R (ഡോ ജയശ്രീ വി ആർ) 2015
Jayasree, K S (ജയശ്രീ, കെ എസ്) ദേശീയതയും പ്രാദേശികതയും എന്‍ പി മുഹമ്മദിന്റെ നോവലുകളില്‍ (Nationalism and regionalism in the novels of N P Muhammad) Malayalam literature Saradakutty, S (ശാരദക്കുട്ടി, എസ്) 2013
Jayasree, P (जयश्री, पी) महादेवी वर्मा : व्यक्तित्व और कृतित्व (Mahadevi Varma: Personality and works) Hindi literature Eladom, N R (एले़डम, एन आर) 1998
Jayasree, P G Influence of emotional intelligence, locus of control and rigidity on mathematics achievement of students at degree level Education Jayasree, P 2009
Jayasree, V Synthesis and characterisation of Block copolymers from NR and MDI-based Polyurethanes Chemistry Gopinathan Nair, M R 1999
Jayasree, V R (ജയശ്രീ, വി ആര്‍) ബിംബകല്പന വൈലോപ്പിള്ളി ശ്രീധരമേനോന്റെ കവിതയില്‍ (Imagery in the poetry of Vyloppilly Sreedhara Menon) Malayalam literature Leelamma, C P (ലീലാമ്മ, സി പി) 1996
Jeemon Joseph A critical analysis of the measures initiated by the Government and the private agencies for the promotion of tourism in Alappuzha Management studies Roy C Mathew 2012
Jeena Abraham Molecular recognition sites on nanostructures and its application towards sensing of biologically active molecules Chemistry Beena Mathew 2016
Jeena George Ratnaketudaya: Study and critical edition Sanskrit literature Sukumaran, C 2000
Jeena K Jose A study of antioxidants present in Plants (with special reference to Emblica Officinalis Gaertn) Biochemistry Ramadasan Kuttan 2001
Jeena, K Pharmacological studies especially related to cancer on the essential oil of ginger( Zingiber officinale roscoe) Pharmacy Ramadasan Kuttan 2015
Jeeva Jose, Some discovery of user and search engine behavior from web logs Computer science Sojan Lal, P 2016
Jeevan Job Thomas Investigations on selected nanomagnetic systems Physics Nandakumar, K 2012
Jeevan Kumar, K The shifting paradigms of history in the novels of John Fowels and Umberto Eco English literature Raveendran, P P 2011
Jelly Louis, C Study on the production of antineoplastic secondary metabolites from selected medicinal plants using cell and tissue culture techniques (With special reference to Ophiorrhiza mungos and Holostemma adakodien) Biochemistry Jose Padikkala 2011
Jency, K A (ജെൻസി, കെ എ) എഴുത്തിന്റെ ഭിന്നമുഖങ്ങൾ പി കെ ബാലകൃഷ്ണനിൽ (‘P. K Balakrishnan: A Multifarious Writer) Malayalam literature Vasanthan, S K (വസന്തൻ, എസ് കെ) 2017
Jenny Jacob Dual inhibition of LOX and COX: Screening, isolation and purification of lead compounds form plants Biochemistry Prakash Kumar, B 2015
Jero G Varghese Studies on the Fish asseblages in the Achenkovil river system with special reference to their Niche segregation and habitat usage Zoology John, K C 1995

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