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Suseela Devi, C R (സുശീലാദേവി, സി ആര്‍) ടി പദ്മനാഭന്റെ കലയും ജീവിതവും - അദ്ദേഹത്തിന്റെ ചെറുകഥകളില്‍ (The art and life of T Padmanabhan as reflected in his short stories) Malayalam literature Moosath, N N (മൂസത്, എന്‍ എന്‍) 1996
Suseela Menon, R Economics of book binding industry in Kerala Economics Mani, K P 2006
Suseela, K C Jaina and Nyaya Vaisesika philosophies: A comparative study Philosophy Gangadharan Nair, G 2001
Sushama, M V The concept of Iswaratattva in Nyaya Sastra Sanskrit literature Aryadevi, T 2005
Sushan, P K Financial management in Banks in Kerala Commerce Sundaresan, P K 2011
Sushila Nair, K All owe is one: The emergence of a composite identity in the novels of Paule Marshall English literature Kochuthresiamma, P J 2009
Susmitha, P S Overcoming exclusion through inclusive approach: An experimental study Education Celine Pereira 2015
Susy Charles An analytical study of the role of lifestyle changes in the development and management of Type 2 Diabetes mellitus in Kerala – A Homoeopathic approach Homoeopathy Roy C Mathew 2012
Susy Mathew Survey of ornamental fishes from river Achencoil with special reference to the distribution, biology and maintenance of Resbora daniconius (Ham) and Danio aequipinnatus (Mc Clelland) Zoology Sunil, M S 2015
Susy Paul Impact of SHG – Bank linkage programme on empowerment of rural poor in Kerala Commerce Gireesh Kumar, G S 2009
Suvarnakumar, G Taxonomy, Biology and Culture Potential of the genus Caridina of Achencoil and Pamba Rivers Zoology Sunil, M S 2016
Suvarnani Antherjanam Brahmasutras- A schematic approach to the structural disparities with reference to Jaimini Sanskrit literature Usha Devi, N 2016
Swaminathan, C (स्वामिनाथन, सी) डाँ लक्ष्मीनारायण लाल और श्री एन एन पिल्लै की नाट्य कृतियों का तुलनात्मक अध्ययन (A comparative study of the dramatic works of Dr Lakshmi Narayan Lal and Sri N N Pillai) Hindi literature Johnykutty, G (जाँणिक्कुट्टी, जी) 2003
Swapna Gopinath Effectiveness of a self image enhancement package on select life skills of children in need of care and protection Education Jayasree P 2016
Swapna Sreenivasan (സ്വപ്ന ശ്രീനിവാസൻ) പട്ടത്തുവിളക്കഥകളിലെ സാംസ്കാരിക രാഷ്ട്രീയം - ഒരു പഠനം (Cultural Politics in the stories of Pattathuvila – A Study) Malayalam literature Krishna Kaimal, V K (കൃഷ്ണ കൈമൾ വി കെ ) 2016
Swarna Kumari, K Agony of alienation: A comprehensive study of the aftermath of alienation in the novels of Toni Morrison English literature Ravindran Nambiar, C 2005
Swaroop, V R Biochemical aspects of colouring agents used in foods Environmental science Vijayakumar, T 2012
Swathy Varma, P R A comparative study of Public and Private sector in General Insurance Economics Ajith Kumar, N 2012
Syam M S The relevance of the teachings of Kathopanisat in modern life Sanskrit literature Asok Kumar N K 2017
Syamala, M V A study on the occurrence of cataract in Ernakulam District of Kerala Zoology Issac Thomas 2012
Syamala, V K Characterisation of acidity and Its management in Rubber growing soils Chemistry Mercykutty Joseph 2007
Sybila Pius Fernandez Forest Industries Travancore Limited, Aluva - An evaluative study Commerce Sarngadharan, M 2005
Sylas, V P An ecological study of the Macrophytic vegetation of the Kuttanad ecosystem Environmental science Sankaran Unni, K 2010
Teena Annah Thomas Magic realism in the novels of Toni Morrison English literature Geetha, P 2004
Teena Lis Luke Redox chemistry of substituted Pyrimidines: A radiation chemical study Chemistry Aravindakumar, C T 2002
Teena Liza John A study on different classes of graphs and their labelings Mathematics Mathew Varkey 2015
Teji, K T Taxonomy, reproductive biology and behaviour of Muriyad carplet, Amblypharyngodon melettinus muriyadensis Zoology John Thomas, K 2012
Teny David Ethnobotanical, phytochemical and pharmacognostic studies on genus Hydnocarpus gaertn in Kerala Environmental science George, K V 2014
Teresa Joseph Threat perceptions in South Asia: Pakistan's nuclear programme in the Indian media International relations Seethi, K M 2004
Tes Jose (टेस जोस) उषा प्रियंवदा के कथासाहित्य में स्त्री स्वत्व की तलाश (Usha Priyamvada ke kathasahitya mein stri swatva ki talash) Hindi literature James George (जेंस जाँर्ज) 2014

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