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Siby Mathews Economic and social aspects of the high rate of suicides in Kerala Economics Ajith Kumar, N 2007
Siby Tharakan (സിബി തരകന്‍) റാവു സാഹിബ് ഒ എം ചെറിയാന്റെ സാഹിത്യ സംഭാവനകള്‍ - ഒരു പഠനം (Literary contributions of Rao Sahib O M Cherian - A study) Malayalam literature Samuel Chandanappally (സാമുവല്‍ ചന്ദനപ്പള്ളി) 1995
Siby Thomas Assessment of the impact of family intervention therapy in alcoholism – One year follow up study Gandhian studies Mahajan P Mani 2001
Siby Varghese Studies on short sisal fibre reinforced Natural rubber composites Chemistry Sabu Thomas ,
Baby Kuriakose
Siji, S R Role of Kudumbasree in waste management: A study of Ernakulam district Economics Ajith Kumar, N 2014
Sijo K. Manuel Non-Governmental Organisations and Protection of Human Rights: A study on the role of Human Rights NGOs in Kashmir International relations Vinodan, C 2016
Sijo Sebastian A Study of Some Nonlinear Plasma Waves in Multi-ion Plasmas Physics Chandu Venugopal%Antony S 2018
Sijo Varghese, C Art and activism: A study of Arundhati Roy’s writings from a subaltern perspective English literature Shibu Simon 2009
Sijumon V.A Degradation and mineralization of organic pollutants in water by advanced oxidation process Chemistry Aravindakumar T C 2017
Silvie Antony Spiritual Quest as the Pervading Motif: A Semiotic analysis of Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist English literature Philips, W T 2016
Silvy Mathew Alcohol consumption and sexual behaviour: Comparison of the risky behaviour patterns of the Final Year Medical, Engineering and Non-professional undergraduates in Bangalore Social work Verghese K Verghese (Fr) 2005
Simi P Sukumar (സിമി പി സുകുമാര്‍) ഗോത്രസംസ്കാരത്തിന്റെ ആവിഷ്കാരം പി വത്സലയുടെയും നാരായന്റെയും കെ ജെ ബേബിയുടെയും നോവലുകളില്‍ (Description of gothra culture in the novels of P Valsala, Narayan and K J Baby) Malayalam literature Joshy Varghese (ജോഷി വര്‍ഗീസ്) 2014
Simi, T Leeladhar Jagudi Ki KavyaYatra Hindiliterature Mathew Abraham 2018
Simili P. Chacko Satisfaction and problems of special teachers in teaching children with autism, mental retardation and multiple disabilities Behavioural medicine Sukumaran, P S 2016
Simimole Sebastian Studies on physico-chemical characteristics, Plankton diversity and Ichthyofauna of Idukki Reservoir, Kerala, India Zoology Jose D Kaippallil 2013
Simimole, H Chiral pool approach towards the sysnthesis of few optically active y-butyrolactone based natural products Chemistry Ibnusaud, I 2015
Simmy M Varkey Effect of multimodal wound care approach on biobehavioural distress among clients with diabetic foot Rehabilitation nursing Mary Lucita 2018
Sindhu Jacob Efficient solid phase synthesis of Hydrophobic Peptides and Cysteine containing Cyclic Peptides on a high capacity TTEGDA-crosslinked Polystyrene support Chemistry Beena Mathew 1999
Sindhu Joseph Development of sustainable indicators for medical tourism development in Kerala with reference to modern medicine Tourism Robinet Jacob 2016
Sindhu P Kauma (सिन्धू पी कौमा) आचार्य रामचन्द्र शुक्ला एवं हजारी प्रसाद द्विवेदी की ऐतिहासिक दृष्टि का तुलनात्मक विवेचन नव इतिहासवाद के आधार पर (Acharya Ramchandra Sukla evam Hazari Prasad Dwivedi ki eithihasik drishti ka tulnatmak vivechan nav ithihasvad ke addhar par) Hindi literature Geetha, A (गीता, ए) 2015
Sindhu P Nair Influence of the country-of-origin on buyer assessment: A study among car owners in Kerala Management studies Sulaiman, E 2014
Sindhu, C A Abandoned Muslim wives- Victims of early marriage Sociology Shally Joseph 2015
Sindhu, E R Pharmacological actions of Lutein isolated from Marigold flower with special reference to cancer cell proliferation Biochemistry Ramadasan Kuttan 2013
Sindhu, E S Self avoiding walks Statistics Padmanabhan, A S 2009
Sindhu, K Stock market behaviour and economic growth in India Economics Raju, K V 2008
Sindhu, K K Study of active antimicrobial principles and chemical composition of important compounds in certain species of Indigofera genus Botany Mathew, M M 2012
Sindhu, K S Innovative strategies for iron-catalyzed cross- coupling reactions in aqueous medium under aerobic conditions Chemistry Anilkumar, G 2017
Sindhu, R Isolation, purification and characterization of α-amylase from Penicillium janthinellum Biotechnology Shankar Shashidhar 2005
Sindhu, S Fourth order elastic constants and the low temperature thermal expansion of some hexagonal crystals Physics Menon, C S 1998
Sindhu, S Developing an IT integrated learning package for enhancing teacher competency in mathematical problem solving skills among student teachers at secondary level Education Minikutty, A 2018

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