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Sajith C Raj Coping strategies of students with parenting deficiencies Education Exemmal, J 2013
Sajith Joseph (സജിത് ജോസഫ്) മലയാള ചെറുകഥയിലെ മാധ്യമ പ്രതിനിധാനങ്ങൾ 2000 നു ശേഷമുള്ള മലയാള ചെറുകഥകളെ ആസ്പദമാക്കിയുള്ള പഠനം (Media representations in Malayalam short stories after 2000) Malayalam literature Jose K. Manuel (ജോസ് കെ മാനുവൽ) 2017
Sajith Kumar, R (Dr) HIV/AIDS in Kerala: A medico-social analysis Gandhian studies Mahajan P Mani 2005
Sajith Kumar, S (സജിത്കുമാര്‍, എസ്) ദുരന്തബോധം പത്മരാജന്റെ കൃതികളില്‍ (പി പത്മരാജന്റെ ചെറുകഥ, നോവല്‍ എന്നിവയെ ആധാരമാക്കിയുള്ള പഠനം) (Tragic consciousness in Padmarajan’s literary works (A study based on P Padmarajan’s short stories and novels) Malayalam literature Sasidharan Pillai, M (ശശിധരന്‍ പിള്ള, എം) 2009
Sajitha J Kurup Professionalism among married women teachers Sociology Ramola B Joseph 2015
Sajitha, K R (സജിത, കെ ആര്‍) പുലയരുടെ ജീവിതവും സ്വപ്നവും മലയാള നാടോടിസാഹിത്യത്തില്‍ (Life and dreams of Pulayas in Malayalam folk literature) Malayalam literature Scaria Zacharia (സ്കറിയ സക്കറിയ) 2008
Sajithkumar K.J Simultaneous generation(MFCs) energy with waste water treatment using anaerobic digesters and microbial fuel cells (MFCs) Environmental science E.V.Ramasamy 2019
Sajithkumar, I V An economic analysis of handloom industry in Kerala- A comparison with Tamil Nadu Business administration Sulaiman, E 2015
Sajna M S Investigations of certain RE3+/metal nanoparticles doped multicomponent tellurite glasses Physics Unnikrishnan N V,Co Guide Biju P.R 2018
Sajoy, P B Savings and investment pattern of stock investors in Kerala State Commerce Joseph, K X 2016
Saju Abraham An ethnobotanical study of the tracts of forests in Idukki District Botany Avita (Sr) 2005
Saju Joseph Imaging the homeland: The search for identity and the conflict of cultures in Derek Walcott’s poetry English literature Mathew Joseph 2016
Saju M Sebastian Microwave assisted reactions using polyvinylpyrrolidone supported reagents Chemistry Ebey P Koshy% Beena Mathew 2014
Saju Mathew Social and political criticism in the works of Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Gregory Corso English literature John, Athialy P 1999
Saju, M D Impact of Family Social Work intervention on the Holistic Development in Children Social work Mary Venus, C J 2016
Saju, S Analysis of flow states and team cohesion in male field hockey players Physical education Jayashree Acharya 2011
Saju, Y Spatiality of social life: A model of spatial complexes Sociology Rajan Gurukkal, P M 2016
Sajudeen, P A A study on the Pamba river pollution and its possible treatment strategies Biotechnology Jayachandran, K 2014
Sakthi Kumar, D Electrical and optical properties of Plasma polymerized films Physics Krishna Pillai, M G 1998
Salia Rex A re-reading of Hamlet in the light of Bhagavad Gita English literature Geetha, P 2009
Salini S.Nair A study on production inventory systems with varying rates Mathematics K.P.Jose 2019
Salini Sasidharan Anticancer property analysis of scutellaria species seen in Western Ghats of Kerala Biochemistry Babu, T D 2015
Salini Thomas Studies towards the synthesis of few biologically active Chiral y-Butyrolactine based molecules employing 2-Hydroxycitric acid Lactones Chemistry Ibnusaud, I 2007
Salini, S S Child marriage and law in India: A critical study Law Sukumari Antherjanam, D 2004
Sally Jacob (സാലി ജേക്കബ്) ആദ്യകാല മലയാള പത്രമാസികകള്‍ (വിശേ‍ഷപഠനം: ജ്ഞാനനിക്ഷേപം, വിദ്യാസംഗ്രഹം) (A study on early Malayalam periodicals (Especially Njananikshepam and Vidyasamgraham) Malayalam literature Karthikeyan, Shornur (കാര്‍ത്തികേയന്‍, ഷൊര്‍ണ്ണൂര്‍) 2012
Salomon, K Church as an agent of development: A case study of the Mar Thoma church Social work Mahajan P Mani 2013
Salvin K. Thomas മാനവികതയുടെ ബഹുസ്വരത : സി. രാധാകൃഷ്ണന്‍റെ നോവലുക‍ള്‍ Malayalam literature Philip John 2019
Salvin Paul Politics of intellectual property right: A study on patenting biodiversity, traditional knowledge and geographical indications with special reference to Kerala International relations Raju K Thadikkaran 2010
Salvy Thomas Reproductive biology, seed technology and phytochemistry of garcinia gummi-gutta (l.) Robson and oroxylum indicum (l.) Vent. Botany Scaria K. Varghese%Antony V T 2018
Sam V Daniel A study on age, education and earnings of Engineers in Kerala Education Jaleel, P M 2002

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